'Castle' Spoiler: Is Someone Getting a New Love Interest?
'Castle' Spoiler: Is Someone Getting a New Love Interest?
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The biggest romantic story on Castle in season 5 has definitely been the hook-up of our favorite detective and mystery writer, but what about the rest of the team? According to the latest spoiler, it looks like there might be some sparks flying for somebody else on Team Castle. The question is: who is it?

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Zap2It reports that Kelly Hu, who was most recently seen in CW's Arrow battling Oliver as the villain China White, will be joining the cast of Castle for a guest- starring role. 

Hu will reportedly play Scarlet Jones, a character described as "the bodyguard to a notorious adult video kingpin named Beau Randolph." But although Scarlet will fail to stop the murder of her client (which I imagine is really bad news for a bodyguard), she will attract the attention of Esposito. 

The name of the episode featuring Hu is called "Death Gone Crazy," which is expected to air on January 14, 2013. My guess is that this will be an episode we'll see soon after they come back from hiatus, which would suggest that they're going to come back with quite a bang. 

So what does this all mean? When they say "attract the attention" of Espo, does that mean what we think it means? Could Esposito be falling for someone new? I for one hope not. I still have hopes that he and Lanie can work things out and get back together again. For a while there, when all we were getting from Castle and Beckett were longing glances and missed opportunities at love, Lanie and Espo were there to kind of take up some of the romantic slack. Those two had a lot of fire together, which is probably one of the reasons they split up, but I enjoyed those sparks and would love to see them come back again. 

What about the rest of you Castle fans? What do you think of the news that Espo could possibly be starting up a new romance? Would you be happy to see him get together with someone else or are you still hoping that he and Lanie have a chance to work things out between them? 

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