'Castle' Season 5 Spoilers: Star Trek People and Romantic Tension
'Castle' Season 5 Spoilers: Star Trek People and Romantic Tension
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Want to know what's coming up in Castle season 5? Of course you do. And if you keep reading, you might get a hint about some of the people set to visit the show this fall. Some of them might even be familiar.

WARNING: Castle season 5 spoilers ahead. Proceed with caution and don't yell at the writer of this article if you learn something you didn't want to know.

Visitors from Space, Kind of...

There may be some serious Star Trek: The Next Generation influence in Castle season 5.

One obvious source of this is Michael Dorn (Worf on Star Trek: TNG) as Beckett's therapist, Dr. Burke. You would think that Beckett would be interested in sharing certain relationship developments with the man. However, according to TVLine, there are no concrete plans for the doctor to appear yet. Still, executive producer Andrew Marlowe did admit that they were "talking about" a return.

That would be very fitting in season 5, because another Star Trek: The Next Generation alum is definitely set to make his mark on Castle. In an episode set at a science-fiction convention (naturally), Jonathan Frakes -- the former Commander William Riker -- is scheduled to direct (as reported by TVLine).

When you combine Castle appearances at the San Diego Comic-Con with the Star Trek connection and Nathan Fillion's near-godlike status among sci-fi fans, this is set to be a singularly awesome episode of the show.

But Enough About Those Star Trek Types

It's not all random Trekkie moments on Castle in season 5. There's romance as well. We will soon get to learn the outcome of that surprise tryst between Castle and Beckett at the end of season 4. Will the two be together after this? Are problems going to show up?

There will be a couple of problems at least, in the forms of murder and another woman. The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Tamara Braun (All My Children, General Hospital) will show up in episode 5 to play Natalia Roosevelt. Natalia is an attractive bar owner and a member of the local city council. She also happens to be the last person seen with a murder victim before that unfortunate's death.

Why were Castle and Beckett in the Hamptons to begin with? The answer may just be a romantic getaway. But of course murder has to get in the way.

Castle season 5 begins on Monday, September 24 at 10pm on ABC.

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