'Castle' Season 5 Premiere Videos: Tracking Cole Maddox and the Mystery Man
'Castle' Season 5 Premiere Videos: Tracking Cole Maddox and the Mystery Man
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The Castle season 5 premiere is about more than just what happened between Castle and Beckett on that night of (presumed) passion. After all, Cole Maddox -- Beckett's would-be killer -- is still out there and looking for Montgomery's file. Will Castle and the police catch him? Check out these videos from "After the Storm," to see.

WARNING: There are Castle season 5 spoilers in these videos. Some of them are merely suggestive. Some of them give away big plot points. Proceed with caution.

The first video shows what happens when Ryan comes upon Castle and Beckett in the latter's apartment.

  • What could they have been up to that has Castle so awkward? Does Ryan notice anything?
  • Castle is good at deflecting.
  • Awww... Ryan feels bad. Even if he was totally right about what to do.
  • So that's the mystery man -- but who is he?
  • Whoops. Looks like they need to fill in Ryan on the whole Mystery Man/Conspiracy thing.

What is Esposito up to during this time? It seems to involve meetings in dark places with shady people.

"I took a bullet for you" is one of the best persuasion lines ever. Well played, Esposito!

WARNING (again): Do not watch this next video unless you want to know a whole lot about Cole Maddox (guest star Tahmoh Penkett). If you do want to know some stuff about the man, however, please press play below:

  • Cedric Marks. That's not quite as intimidating a name as Cole Maddox. It's honestly hard to feel scared of someone named Cedric.
  • You know, you never see black-ops military contractors advertising or in the phone book. How does one go about hiring these guys?
  • Even if Esposito carried around two extra guns, I doubt he would give one of them to Castle.
  • Maddox is a safe-cracker too? This man is a serious villain!
  • That looks very much like Montgomery's blackmail file. This is probably going to be bad for our heroes.
  • Beckett should probably have realized that, if Esposito carried an extra gun on him, a guy like Cole Maddox probably would too.

Will Maddox get away with the file? What is in those documents anyway? And did Castle and Beckett sleep together or not? The answers to all of these questions (and more) will be revealed in the Castle season 5 premiere, "After the Storm," airing on Monday, September 24 at 10pm on ABC.

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