'Castle' Rumor Speculation: Someone's Going to Die?
'Castle' Rumor Speculation: Someone's Going to Die?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Someone is doomed on Castle. Other than the murder victim of the week, of course. That death's a given. But a rumor has surfaced to indicate that a character will die in this season's Castle finale.

Who could it be?
TVLine is the source for this rather unsettling rumor. It comes with the vague clue that one character won't be making it past the season 3 finale, "Knockdown." As to which character would be biting the dust, however, the report remains vague. The only clue is that the doomed character is "someone who's been with the series since the beginning."

Let the speculation begin!

The No-Chance Possibilities: Castle and Beckett
They're pretty much the show, and there is no way that Castle would kill off either of its stars. Maybe if this were an edgy ensemble show in its last season, we might have something to worry about. But it's not. The stars are safe.

The Super-Unlikely Possibilities: Ryan, Esposito and Alexis
I'm sorry, but you can't have Ryan without Esposito or vice versa. The two sidekicks are attached at the hip and infinitely entertaining that way. Unless there are two deaths in the finale, the detectives are safe.

As for Alexis, you don't kill kids. Alexis may be growing up fast, but she's still Castle's little girl. And Castle isn't in the edgy, dramatic genre that gets away with child murder.

The Maybe-But-Probably-Not Possibilities: Martha and Lanie
Castle could survive without either of these two, but the show (and the surviving characters) would be seriously hurt by the act. Castle could hardly enjoy/hate his home life in the same way without his infuriating mother. Murder scenes would be significantly less fun without Lanie's sarcasm. And what about Esplanie!?!

The Possible-I-Guess Possibilities: Montgomery and Gina
Captain Montgomery is a great guy and a good boss, but do the detectives really need him? Mostly, they don't. Montgomery's presence isn't strong enough to justify his survival at the expense of another character, so he would be my pick from the regular Castle cast.

The only other likely victim would be Gina Cowell, Castle's second ex-wife and publisher, seen intermittently since the show's beginning. Still, what would her death accomplish?

The Crazy-and-Misleading Possibilities: Nikki Heat and the Poker Players
The report did say "character." And Nikki Heat, the novelization of Beckett, certainly counts. Castle came up with her during the first episode, and she has lingered throughout the ensuing seasons. Also, we're dealing with an author who has already killed one of his characters because he felt like it. The "death" of Nikki Heat would be way less dramatic than a "real" character, but it wouldn't be insane.

Castle could also decide to off one of Rick Castle's poker buddies. Granted, this would be weird, given the real-life and recent death of Stephen J. Cannell (whose death is acknowledged in an upcoming episode).

This still leaves characters like Josh (Beckett's mostly-invisible boyfriend), Dr. Perlmutter (the other medical examiner) or Alexis' boyfriend, Ashley. However, none of them date from before the second season and therefore don't fit with what little we know.

Someone, it seems, must die. But who will it be? Is it one of our picks? Or is there some forgotten character marching toward his or her doom? Let us know any theories you have!

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