'Castle' Recap: Caskett Hits a Jealousy Speed Bump
'Castle' Recap: Caskett Hits a Jealousy Speed Bump
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The bad guy on this week's Castle isn't a killer, it's the green-eyed monster. Yes, the Caskett romance (or lack thereof) faces some serious jealousy in the form of a handsome, rich, charitable British guy. And, most upsetting, things don't seem much better by the end.

It all begins when Castle would rather play video games with some Indian kid named Patel than get frisky with his sexy girlfriend doing a seductive striptease. This isn't a huge surprise. All season Castle and Beckett have presumably been a happy couple, but do they really seem that different? It's like sex and the occasional romantic obligation (Valentine's Day, etc) are the only things that changed. You can't take a girl like Kate Beckett for granted.

The murder victim of the week is a rich guy killed by poison at a fancy restaurant, only it turns out the waiter mixed up the orders and the intended target was actually Eric Vaughn. Vaughn is a British billionaire inventor who is one of Castle's dream guests at his fantasy Last Supper dinner party. In addition to being someone Castle adores, he's also someone who makes all the ladies swoon because, well, he's a super rich British dude played by Mr. Fantastic himself, Ioan Gruffudd.

Needless to say, Castle gets very jealous when Vaughn asks Beckett to be his personal bodyguard during the investigation to prevent another attempt on his life. He's intimidated by Vaughn's awesomeness, but Beckett assures him he has nothing to worry about because a guy like him would never be interested in a girl like her. Castle falls into the oldest boyfriend trap in the history of the world by agreeing to this statement. Dude, come on. The correct answer is: "Vaughn wishes he was lucky enough to have a girl like you."

While Beckett spends all of her time with Vaughn, Castle goes into overdrive to solve the case as soon as possible, desperate to bring an end to his girlfriend's assignment. The case leads to a waiter who was murdered by a gun-for-hire and a scientist who was in love with Vaughn who unintentionally supplied the poison.

Vaughn and Beckett stay in a hotel suite together, which gives the charming Brit an opportunity to fawn all over her and talk about how amazing she is. He asks if she and Castle are an item. She says yes, but when he asks if it's serious, she hesitates.

This gives Vaughn an opening and he leans in to kiss Beckett. Just as he does, she pushes him away and a bullet fires through the window. Wow, it's almost like the killer is a Caskett 'shipper, trying to assassinate the obstacle in the way of their happiness. Also, it's a good thing Beckett loves Castle, because if she didn't push him away, he'd be dead. Castle isn't too happy to learn about this when the events have to be recreate for the record.

In the end, Castle gets excited when it looks like Vaughn is actually behind the whole thing since one of his company's is fraudulent and he's scamming people. But instead, it turns out Vaughn's lawyer is the one who is pulling a Bernie Madoff and orchestrated the failed assassination attempt. Case closed.

What's not closed is the fate of Caskett. Castle thinks he's learned a valuable lesson about romance. He symbolically cuts the cord on his video games and promises to give Beckett a full body massage.

"Where are we going?" asks Beckett.

"To the bedroom," responds Castle.

That's NOT what she was asking. Castle missed the whole point of the episode, because it's not about Beckett needing more physical attention, it's about her needing a commitment. It's actually quite simple: She wants to DTR (define the relationship).

So that's how the episode ends, with the silent, depressing realization that Caskett might not be so happy after all and that, unless Castle grows up and learns how to be in a real, serious, committed relationship, Caskett is doomed.

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