'Castle' Recap: The Devil Wears Knockoff Prada
'Castle' Recap: The Devil Wears Knockoff Prada
M.K. Costigan
M.K. Costigan
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Have you guys all seen The Devil Wears Prada? I hope so, since I'm about to reference it a lot. That's because this week's episode of Castle, "Dressed to Kill," outright copies and/or describes scenes from the actual movie several times. Careless coat tossing? Check. Feuding assistants? Check. General disregard for the fact that one's employees have lives and a base level of individuality? Check and mate. All that's missing is Meryl Streep. Although to be fair, everything could use a little Meryl Streep.

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Hell in Heels

The victim of the week is not Anne Hathaway, but a different rundown assistant by the name of Ella Hayes. She worked for Matilda King, editor-in-chief of Modern Fashion and grade-A boss from hell. Ella was an aspiring fashion designer who put up with copious abuse from Matilda in the hopes of making some connections. But several embarrassing schedule mistakes resulted in her and fellow assistant Grace being fired and effectively blacklisted by the fashion community. Later that same night, Ella was strangled and thrown in a dumpster.

Grace is the most obvious suspect, since Ella's mistakes essentially ruined her career and because they were caught fighting the day Ella died. But, as all first suspects do, she alibis out, and instead points them in the direction of a creepy guy she witnessed threatening Ella. Creepy Guy turns out to be Marcus Conway, a lawyer for Modern Fashion's biggest competition, Couture Chic. He and his boss were trying to get their corporate espionage on in order to save their magazine.

Modern Fashion had recently been purchased by Glen Carter, who was trying to take the magazine digital. Conway wanted to get info about this process, but Ella refused until the day of her death. She called him saying that she had information that would destroy Modern Fashion. That, combined with the fact that Matilda placed a bug in Ella's apartment, makes Meryl 2.0 the new prime suspect.

Say No to the Dress

Backstory: Beckett used to be a model for Modern Fashion and knows Matilda. This makes accusing her of murder marginally more awkward. They don't focus on Matilda as a suspect for very long, since she was meeting with Oscar de la Alibi at the time of the murder. Mainly, she used a means of getting Beckett into a couture wedding gown.

I feel that I need to devote some time to this gown. It's presented as a glass slipper-esque dress of destiny, but good god, it's hideous. It's like the butt of a roided-up cake topper attacked a dress that a moderately famous actress would wear to the Golden Globes. Stana always looks gorgeous, but someone in the costume department did her wrong.

Stanley Tucci Would Never

Having moved on from Matilda as a suspect, the team discovers that Ella's scheduling mistakes weren't mistakes at all. Someone changed the schedule to make Matilda miss important meetings and get Ella fired. Tracking the IP address leads them to Yumi's studio. Yumi is an up-and-coming fashion designer who lost his last name in a tragic battle with his ego.

Castle almost immediately realizes that Yumi got a place in Modern Fashion by stealing Ella's designs. He and an accomplice from inside the magazine changed the schedule to get Ella fired and discredited by the fashion world, thus protecting him from being found out. Little did he know that Ella had connections at Couture Chic, and could ruin Yumi and all of Modern Fashion by giving them the story.

Yumi didn't know this, but his connection in Modern Fashion did. Matilda's second in command, Julian, could access the info gained from the bug in Ella's apartment. He couldn't let her destroy the magazine, as he was attempting to get Matilda fired and take her place. When he heard what Ella was planning to do, he killed her. He's arrested, and hopefully his ugly suits are taken outside and burned.

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Prepping for Wife #3

Castle doesn't really deal too much with the case this week, because he's busy planning his wedding. It's a pretty far cry from the last time they had a case with models and he almost ended up dating Alexis' former babysitter. This time around, he and Martha tour a spectacularly perfect wedding venue, which unfortunately only has one opening in the spring. Castle is ready to go, since he feels that he's already waited so long for Beckett. Plus, he's already done this twice before, so the whole planning thing is old hat to him.

Beckett, on the other hand, has a brief period of doubt. She misses her mom, and the thought of planning her wedding without her is heartbreaking. But then Matilda gives her Satan's wedding dress as a gift, and it's just the push she needs. She and Castle decide that they just can't wait until the fall and will instead get married in the season finale. Please, please, let something tragic befall that dress before then.

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