'Castle' Recap: Sibling Rivalry
'Castle' Recap: Sibling Rivalry
M.K. Costigan
M.K. Costigan
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This week on Castle, the US government is corrupt, Gates has a hot sister and Castle and Beckett continue to make every case about their wedding. Let's get to it!

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Insert Wolf of Wall Street Reference Here


"The Greater Good" opens with a Wall Street tycoon found shot to death in a hotel room. He's Peter Cordero, a Venezuelan native who had since become a US citizen and crazy rich guy. The only helpful evidence they can get initially is a picture from the payphone where the crime was called in.


Castle and Beckett go to Peter's place of work in hopes of gaining more information. Here they meet his boss, Jamie Berman. He's a stereotypical Wall Street jerk that Freud would probably describe as overcompensating for his masculine shortcoming by using overly dramatic violence metaphors and throwing around piles of cash like an idiot. Or maybe I just don't like him. In any case, he says that Peter was a good guy, but had received a mysterious package at work that week from a gang member. He didn't think much of it because he doesn't care if his employees are all strung-out on drugs as long as they turn a profit. You, sir, are the worst.


They're as Cold as Ice


The team still isn't doing very well in terms of leads when the woman from the payphone photo walks into the station. Her name is Stephanie Goldmark and she works for the US Attorney's office. She also happens to be accompanied by her coworker Elizabeth, Gates' sister.

Stephanie explains that she called in the murder from a distance because Peter was working undercover for the Attorney's office and she didn't want to compromise the investigation. They had been trying to convict Berman of various crimes for years, but it wasn't until they found Peter that they started getting any good evidence.


"Found" perhaps isn't the best word. "Caught with cocaine and made an immunity deal with" is probably a better description. Peter's cousin swears that Peter hated drugs and hadn't been near them since his troubled teen years, but he was arrested for possession and agreed to work undercover in order to avoid jail time. Gates and Elizabeth eye each other coldly all through this bout of exposition, and suddenly the source of this winter's polar vortex is apparent. Kiss and make up already so I can be warm again, dammit!

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Ballistics on the bullet that killed Peter link the gun to a crime from a while before. One of the suspects from this crime matches the description of the gang member Berman saw with Peter. He turns out to be Peter's childhood best friend, Hector Nunez. Though they hadn't spoken in about a decade, Hector still considered Peter his best friend and is visibly upset when he finds out about his death. He admits to delivering a package to Peter, but says it contained the gun used in the shooting, not drugs. Peter was afraid for his life for some reason, and Hector gave it to him as protection.


Hector doesn't know exactly why Peter felt he was in danger, but he does know that it had something to do with banks. Before he was killed, Peter had Hector make a mysterious bank transfer. When the team manages to access the account, they find that $25 million had been transferred out of the account to someone named Armando Garcia.


Sister, Sister


Let's take a pause and talk about the family drama unfolding. Gates and her sister have some serious issues. When Gates asks Elizabeth for the tapes Peter recorded while wearing a wire, she is spectacularly unhelpful. Gates thinks that she doesn't want any of the information about Peter's drug use and scandalous money transferring to come out because that would discredit him as a witness. She thinks Elizabeth is planning to use this case to boost her own career and is willing to compromise the murder investigation to do it.


Elizabeth is indeed worried about Peter being discredited as a witness, but she says it's because without him they won't be able to take Berman down. It's in the interest of "the greater good" to focus more on getting Berman than on finding Peter's killer. Gates is having none of this moral compromising and takes her down in true big sister fashion. I can't tell if it would be awesome or terrifying to be related to her, but right now I'm leaning towards terrifying.


Finally, after much attitude and staring at cute childhood pictures, the Backstory Fairy graces us with an explanation. In the late '90s, Gates and Elizabeth were in a similar situation to their current one, in which Gates had evidence that would prove a witness corrupt and Elizabeth wanted her to withhold it for "the greater good." But Gates don't play that, and they've been in a tiff ever since. It seems a little extreme to have a 16-year fight over one case, but these ladies do seem pretty intense.

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A Terrifying Team


The team finds out that right after the transfer, Peter made a call to the Venezuelan consulate. They ask an official there what he knows about him and Armando Garcia, and he informs them that Peter and Armando are the same person. Drama bomb! Armando Garcia was Peter's birth name, but he changed it when he moved to the United States. He had contacted the consulate because he was trying to regain his Venezuelan citizenship. Castle and Beckett realize that Peter was planning to change his identity entirely, and transferred the money to himself to help him start a new life.


This raises the question of why he would need to start over, which is answered pretty quickly. Security footage shows that Berman was the one who transferred the money into the mystery account in the first place, and the team realizes that it must have been a payoff. Though Berman will confirm nothing, they figure out that he had learned about Peter's involvement with the Attorney's office and was feeding the wire false information in order to embarrass them in court. The payoff was so that Peter would play along with him.


It's pretty clear that they're not going to be able to arrest him on any of this. But they do learn that Berman saw Peter make his last wire drop-off, which the Attorney's office said never took place. The team assumed that whoever killed Peter did it to steal the wire off his body, but it was already gone by the time of his murder. And the only person who had seen it was Stephanie Goldmark. They found the once-deleted recordings on her computer, and in them Peter says that the government planted drugs on him to force him into working with them. This totally shattered any remaining illusions of the American dream that he had, and he decided to get out of dodge.


After icy stares and questioning from both Gates sisters, Stephanie folds and admits to killing Peter. If he had run away like he'd planned, he would have been discredited as a witness, and everyone would have found out that she ordered the drugs planted on him. She claims it was for "the greater good" (can you find the theme of this episode?), but Gates one and two are having none of it. She gets arrested, and the sisters finally make up. God help the next person who has to face this team.


Your Weekly Relationship Saga, Fourth Edition


The wedding crisis of this week: the guest list! How many people should they invite? Are they willing to have family and friends hate them forever by cutting them from the list? Is this really Martha's wedding as much as their own? And most important, how exactly do they think they'll be able to get married in the next month or so when they haven't even made a guest list?!


After an hour of oscillating between whether or not to invite Stephen King (the answer is yes) and drinking a lot of wine, Castle and Beckett finally decide that the only people they really need at their wedding are each other. Naturally, family and close friends will be there, but mostly they just want to make each other happy. It's very sweet, but my feeling is that if you have the chance to invite Stephen King to your wedding, you invite Stephen King to your wedding. You know he would give the greatest toast in wedding history, and that would make everyone happy.


Castle returns Monday, April 21 at 10pm on ABC.


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