'Castle' Preview of 'After Hours': Lots of Bickering, Murdering, Running and Crime Solving
'Castle' Preview of 'After Hours': Lots of Bickering, Murdering, Running and Crime Solving
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Castle season 5 continues Monday November 19 with an episode called "After Hours," and from the clips it looks like this is going to be one challenging episode for Beckett and Castle. Not only are they on the run with a murder to solve and a witness to protect, but they also go through one disastrous dinner with their parents. 

In the first clip we find Castle, Beckett and what I assume is a witness to a murder hiding out from some bad guys. How or where the murder took place, we don't know. Nor do we know exactly how they all ended up where they are. What we do know is that Castle and Beckett are in the midst of quite a spat, with is no less hilarious now that they're a couple.

Here are some other things we know from the clip:

  • Castle is good at figuring out what people may use as a password on their phone, just not what that actual word might be. 
  • Some people actually do have that "Call Me Maybe" song as the ringtone on their phones. 
  • Girls in NYC who lose their phones do not take it too well when they think you're threatening them. 

In the second clip, we see the team coming across their victim, a priest who appeared to be far away from his parish. The clip quickly jumps back to the first scene in the video above, then continues to show us how they ended up in that little room in the first place. 

Here are some other things we know from the clip:

  • I'm really in love with both Beckett's coat and her jacket in the first scene from these clips. 
  • Their killer is a marskman. 
  • Castle has seen every episode of MacGyver. 
  • Even their witness knows that their fight has nothing to do with their parents. 

In the final clip, we find Castle and Beckett sitting down to dinner with their parents. Much as could be expected, things don't seem to be going very well. Martha has proven that she's not afraid to speak her mind, but Jim doesn't exactly back down either. 

The clip jumps straight from the awkward dinner party to Castle being held by a couple of thugs in the back of a car. The scariest part of this is the fact that Beckett is nowhere to be seen, despite the fact that we know they've probably been together the whole night. 

Here are a couple more things we know from the clip:

  • Martha saves her creative energy for a more worthy path -- acting. 
  • Murdering thugs don't have time to read, but when they do, they skip to the last page. 

What do you think after watching the preview clips for this episode of Castle? Are you, like me, curious how Castle and Beckett are going to make up after bickering through most of this episode?

Castle airs on Monday nights at 10pm on ABC. 

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