'Castle' Interviews: Molly Quinn and Penny Johnson Jerald Dish on Season 6
'Castle' Interviews: Molly Quinn and Penny Johnson Jerald Dish on Season 6
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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A couple weeks ago, ABC's hit series Castle was honored at an event held at the Paley Center in Los Angeles. The event featured an episode screening, as well as a Q&A with the stars and creators of the show. Before they went on stage, BuddyTV got the chance to talk exclusively with Molly Quinn and Penny Johnson Jerald on the red carpet.

Molly Quinn dropped by to chat about what is up for Alexis this season. Check out the interview below:

Highlights from the interview:

Castle may not have likes him much in the beginning, but Quinn points out that Pi is actually a great guy. After all, what is wrong with a guy who only eats fruit and thinks about the environment? 

Alexis probably didn't care whether her dad was going to like Pi or not, since she doesn't get a vote in his love life either. 

Alexis respects Beckett, but their relationship will never be one of step-mom and step-daughter. They are meant to be more like friends. 

Quinn feels for Alexis losing some of her dad's attention to a new woman and admits she would probably be upset if the same thing happened to her in real life. 

By getting into a relationship herself, Alexis is simply trying to move on and have a life of her own. 

Alexis has a story coming up where she will be working on a case with her law professor that involves a man on death row. The experience will have a lasting impact on her and will be a "healing episode" for Alexis and Castle. 

Next up, we spoke to Penny Johnson Jerald. Check out the interview below:

Jerald speaks about how the captain felt about Beckett taking the job in D.C.

Though she doesn't have a lot of information on what is coming up this season, Jerald points out that that is part of the excitement of the show, both for her and for the fans. 

Jerald talks about what has been the most fun playing the captain, including how "delicious" it is to get to reprimand Castle. 

Jerald discusses what has been the most challenging part of playing the captain. 

What do you think now that you've seen the interviews with Molly Quinn and Penny Johnson Jerald about Castle Season 6? 

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