'Castle' Interview: Tamala Jones Teases 'A little action between Lanie and Esposito'
'Castle' Interview: Tamala Jones Teases 'A little action between Lanie and Esposito'
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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Castle season 5 continues on Monday, February 4 with an episode that will focus on Beckett and the man behind her mother's murder. Tamala Jones, who plays Lanie on the show, was on hand at TCA 2013 to give us some hints about upcoming episodes, including one that may get some Lanie and Esposito fans excited. 

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When asked if she had any spoilers to reveal about upcoming episodes, Jones was cagey, replying, "You know, Andrew [Marlowe, creator] is very secretive about how he writes all of us. He'll hint, like, 'make sure you can fit into a tight red dress by this time.' And you're like, 'oh, okay.'"

"There's the possibility of a little action between Lanie and Esposito."

Jones did let loose with one tantalizing bit of information, "We're shooting the Valentine's Day episode and there's the possibility of a little action between Lanie and Esposito, I'll say that."

The actress also revealed, "Right now there's a big storyline coming up with Martha and Alexis and I can't really reveal too much, but that's [Andrew's] main focal point. That's all I know at this point. I haven 't heard anything else. I hear bits and pieces from other writers, if I'm walking by and I hear something, I'll slow down and they're like 'Tamala!'"

Asked whether fans might get more storylines in the future where Lanie is front-and-center, Jones said, "I hope so! That was amazing. That was another one of Andrew's 'if you need some vocal lessons, you might want to go ahead and do that.' Then you figure out what it's for later. He did mention to me that he needs to write more for me. When he says stuff like that it's kind of like 'something's happening.' So I just have to wait and see with the rest of your guys."

"I love working with Stana."

Finally, Jones spoke about working with her co-star, "I love working with Stana. Those scenes that Lanie and Beckett have; she really drives them and makes it easier for me to do what I need to do. She's an amazing woman."

What do you think of these tidbits we've learned about upcoming episodes of Castle? What episodes are you most excited to see?

Castle airs on Monday nights at 10pm on ABC. 

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