'Castle' Interview: Molly Quinn at Comic-Con
'Castle' Interview: Molly Quinn at Comic-Con
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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Castle had one of the biggest panels on the Sunday of the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con. Although the official Comic-Con program listed only star Nathan Fillion in attendance, most of the Castle cast joined Fillion on the stage. After the panel, those stars spoke with reporters about Castle, Comic-Con and what's coming next for the show.

Molly Quinn, the young actress who plays Alexis, was among the stars, fittingly attired in a full Captain Reynolds costume from Firefly.

You're getting into the Comic-Con spirit, clearly.
Molly Quinn: Yes. Yesterday I was dressed up as Shana from Shakugan no Shana, the anime series. I had like, my red contacts in, my samurai sword, my little schoolgirl skirt, my knee-highs. I do wear the schoolgirl skirt and knee-highs normally, but the samurai sword and contacts, that was additional.

People still recognize me! It was odd. I wasn't expecting that. I thought the contacts would kind of scare people away or something.

You need to go with a mask next year.
Molly Quinn: You know, I don't mind it. Next year, I'm probably -- I can't tell you! I want to so bad because I'm excited, but I can't tell anyone. But I'm prepared.

CCIntBrownCoat.JPGSo, how are the events of the season finale going to affect Alexis?
Molly Quinn: I mean, she's scared. Originally this is just kind of something that her dad was doing that was fun and that he was actually using this woman on a superficial level, kind of an inspiration for his books. But now, it's like he really is interested in the police force and really does want to solve these murders. And it's almost like he's taking a different career path.

And that affects, first off, my home life. He's my dad, he's my world. You know, I'm the only girl in his life. She doesn't understand why he's doing this and why he's almost neglecting her to be this other woman that doesn't know him half as well as I do. So she's having a lot of roiling emotions that aren't necessarily teen. They're very adult.

But she will have some teen issues, of course.

Alexis is looking at going to college. How do you feel about that personally? Because you went into an acting career, basically bypassing that stage of your life?
Molly Quinn: Yeah, I don't want to think that I bypassed it. If I wanted to go, I could. But you know, you're absolutely right. Acting is my life, and if you think about it, everyone's like "Oh, are you gonna go to college? Are you gonna do all this?" I'm kinda like, you know, I could, I'm sure I can study acting in college but why would I do that when I'm booking now and I'm basically getting on-the-job training. How would that be any better? A lot of people go and get Masters in acting and then I never see them doing anything. So this is like, take it while you get it. Because this industry's always changing.

For Alexis, you know she's very... she has no limits. That's the kind of girl she is, and I love that. She thinks she can do anything. That's what's so great about her, leaving high school early and going into Stanford. We'll see what happens. I'm not sure if she's really emotionally ready to handle it, but I think she might be even using this as a ploy to get more attention from her dad. I think she could be throwing that in there, that could be the whole reason.

In the next year, can we expect Alexis to be acting out more?
Molly Quinn: She's definitely going to be, but not in a teenager-y way. She's just gonna start, I don't want to say, being manipulative, but she's definitely learning about those aspects of being a person, kind of learning how to get your way. The world's not black and white, she's learning that it's very, very grey. The first time you find that out, it's very hard. It's very, very confusing. So she's definitely going to be experimenting with things that she can get away with, things that she can say and do and act. She's growing up.

I feel like she's my little girl. It's crazy to think that I started out doing the show when I was 14, is when we did the pilot, and I'll be 18 in October. So it's... all my birthdays are on set, like every single one of them. They brought out cakes and like, pyrotechnics and crazy stuff going everywhere. I hope it goes on forever. I've grown up on the show. It's crazy, it's surreal. I feel like any moment I'm gonna wake up and I'll be back in Texarkana, you know, thinking "Oh, I gotta go to knitting class!"

Alexis is pretty straight-laced. Are you looking for movie roles sometimes that are a little bit more out there?
Molly Quinn: I love doing movies. I started out doing movies.

Definitely, I like looking for characters that are even difficult for me to justify, if that makes sense. Girls that haven't had the privilege that I've even had, or that don't have Alexis'. Definitely things that are 180-degrees different. I've had the opportunity to go out and meet a lot of directors and talk about a lot of projects.

At the same time, I'm fully employed. I'm doing Castle, I'm also doing Winx for Nickelodeon. Even though it is animation, it takes up quite a bit of time and I love it. It's incredible. Of course, I wish there were more hours in a day so I could do everything. Who knows?

I'm thinking that this year I might be doing a movie where I might be traveling somewhere outside of the States, which would be really, really fun. Like last year, I did Avalon High in New Zealand, that was great. It was for a new movie that my nieces watched. I'm looking for something more --  I don't know, I don't want to say gritty. Cause I don't wanna go like "Oh, Molly's doing gritty and completely opposite from Alexis." I don't want to be that kind of cliché. I just want to do good movies, tell good stories that people can enjoy. Like I'm all for popcorn movies, like they say. Little independents are great. I like doing those too. But you know, Sucker Punch, Spider-Man, I'd love to play Mary Jane, eventually. How cool would that be?

So I'm very excited about our Marvel episode coming up, episode 402. Very excited about superheroes coming up!

And Castle will be a graphic novel too. Alexis is going to be in that, I hope?
Molly Quinn: Yeah, you know I'm not sure. I hope so too! Besides, it's not Castle necessarily, it's Derek Storm. So it might not be. But even so. I'm doing Winx and being Bloom allows me to be like a live character, and we have our dolls coming out, like this next year. We're very excited. All the girls, it's very girl power.

What's your relationship like on set with Nathan? Is he a paternal role?
Molly Quinn: Paternal? Not so much.

He asked me one time. What did he say? He was like, "You look at me like a cool friend or something, right?" And I'm like, "You're more like an uncle."

He's a big kid and he's super fun to be with. He gets me into a lot of trouble. It's fun trouble. He'll hang me on the rafters like, in the precinct, like he'll lift me and he'll put me in there and I was like hanging in there and he'll just walk away. The producers are like, whoa! We do stuff like that, it's fun. He's a big kid and he's fantastic.

I love Tamala. She is a complete doll, she is a role model. She's everything classy and every way a lady. Jon is great, we have a ton of fun. We fake-fight a lot. 'Cause I do mixed martial arts but of course I could never take him on, but I like to think that I could. Not that he ever lets me win, even in a fake fight. I think it's kind of an ego thing. Seamus is great, Stana's great. I love Susan. I mean, she's a legend. Who else has the opportunity to work with a legend? So it's great.

So you hate everybody?
Molly Quinn: I can't stand everyone! I can't! It's terrible, I can't wait to get out of the show!

No, I want it to go on forever. And like I said, I love everybody. As cliché as that sounds, it's true.

If you could have Alexis do one thing this season, what would it be?
Molly Quinn: I'd like to see her get tougher, truthfully. I think it'd be cool if she could work with Tamala in the precinct. I'd like to see her in the precinct, to go more to the medical side of things. And even if finds out that she passes out when she sees blood for the first time. Anything like that. It'd be cool to see her try out for different venues. But who knows, if she's going to college?

No one tells me anything, so we'll see. Well, I'm here. So I'm taking that as a good sign.

Castle will return to ABC on Monday, September 19 at 10pm.