'Castle' Episode 5.7 Videos: Fun with the Documentary-Style in 'Swan Song'
'Castle' Episode 5.7 Videos: Fun with the Documentary-Style in 'Swan Song'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Now that it's reached a fifth season, Castle is definitely ready to play with its style a little bit. So the documentary feel of the upcoming episode, "Swan Song," should not be much of a surprise. What may be a little more of a surprise is how each of the Castle characters chooses to react to the presence of cameras.

See what the documentary crew caught in these four Castle videos from "Swan Song."

WARNING: There are plenty of Castle spoilers in the several minutes of "Swan Song" that these clips show us. They give away very little about the mystery, but you should still proceed with utmost caution.

The first of the videos takes place back at the precinct. The police are just getting used to the presence of a documentary film crew -- present because of a planned film on the rock band that the murder victim had belonged to. The results are amusing.

You really have to love the obvious fact that Castle alone has immediately adapted to the cameras and is ready to perform. Even so, his definitions of "pure speculation" and "Monday morning's crossword." Also, the fact that Castle references This Is Spinal Tap is nothing more than pure genius.

So Castle is ready to star in this documentary. But, as the next video proves admirably, he is not the only one ready for his close-up.

  • Beckett is not having too much fun with the narrative requirements of this documentary. Her monotone delivery is a lot of fun though.
  • Who is loving Lanie's low-cut top more? Lanie or the cameraman?
  • And is it just me, or is this a slightly more provocative wardrobe than usually for the good doctor?
  • "Standard immunizations..." Does Lanie know how to talk dirty or what?

By the time we get to the third Castle clip, the film-making bug has spread even further. Alas, Ryan isn't quite as adapt at capturing the camera's attention as Lanie was.

So many hand movements...

We also get a great deal of the story in this one scene, of course. We're not just dealing with a dead rock star -- we're also dealing with an escapee from a cult.

Who is this creepy cult leader? We meet John Campbell in the final clip from "Swan Song."

Campbell may be an awful human being. But at least he manages to elicit some great footage of Beckett for the documentary crew! And how cute is Castle when he realizes this and gets all proud?

"Swan Song" airs on Monday, November 12 at 10pm on ABC.

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