'Castle' Bomb-Themed Episode Rescheduled Due to Boston Marathon Tragedy
'Castle' Bomb-Themed Episode Rescheduled Due to Boston Marathon Tragedy
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
After the tragic events this Monday at the Boston Marathon, ABC has decided to delay Monday's bomb-themed episode of Castle. "Still", originally slated to air on April 22, will air one week later on April 29 instead out of respect for the recent Boston bombing that claimed three lives and injured more than 170 people.

Castle isn't the only TV series to pull or rearrange episodes scheduling because of the Boston-area blast. This week, NBC's Revolution pre-empted the Monday night showing for extended coverage of the attack. While FOX pulled a Boston Marathon-centered episode of the animated comedy Family Guy from its own site and from Hulu. 

In "Still" Beckett finds herself in a sticky situation when she triggers a pressure bomb. While the rest of the team scrambles to defuse the bomb, Castle keeps Beckett company. This episode will now air on Monday, April 29.

It might cause a few continuity hiccups, according to show star Stana Katic. Katic tweeted: "ABC Pulls Monday's Bomb-Themed #Castle ... Yes. Out of respect. Please note that the chronology will b off."

Airing in the episode's place will be "The Squab and the Quail", an episode where Beckett needs to protect a charming billionaire who finds his life suddenly in danger. 

How much the switch affects the story going forward into the season five finale on May 13 remains to be seen. Still, ABC made the right call here. After a week of destruction, chaos, and sadness, the last thing we all need is another reminder. It's the right call to pull the episode out of respect, and Castle fans will still get to see it a week later.

What do you think? Did ABC make the right call? 

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