'Castle' Best Tweets: 'Undead Again'
'Castle' Best Tweets: 'Undead Again'
David Lock is murdered by what appears to be a zombie. After questioning a woman who had a past affair with David and after being surrounded by a mob of zombie impersonators, Castle and Beckett discover that their murderer is Kyle Jennings. They find him dead in his home, or so they thought. Upon entering the morgue, Kyle rises and runs out, later ending up in the hospital with no memory of the murder. The 12th realizes that Kyle was drugged and compelled to kill, but they have no hard evidence to prove their suspicion that Tom, the woman's fiancee, was behind it. Castle dresses up in Kyle's zombie outfit and scares a confession out of Tom, who did it to save his relationship. Meanwhile, Alexis struggles to commit to a college because she is concerned about being too far away or too close by; ultimately, she chooses Columbia. Here are the top 10 tweets about "Undead Again."

#10. @Nic0le_Miller
#HIMYM Suit up on #Castle

- I immediately thought of Barney when Castle said, "Suit up." Neil Patrick Harris needs to guest star on Castle next season and join in the recurring laser tag.

#9. @BrennanIsles
I can't concentrate when Castle says it will be his last case with Beckett. #Castle

- Castle has already had a few "last cases" with Beckett and yet I still get nervous when he says things like that. You never know where this show is going to go. Back in season one, I would not have thought they could pull off zombies, but they did.

#8. @Tookyourmatches
That awkward moment when you're surrounded by a zombie horde. #Castle

- Wait, that's abnormal? Pittsburgh has an annual zombie fest that I am determined to attend one year.

#7. @SeamusDever
During filming of tonight's Zombie episode of Castle, @KitMoxie kept rejecting my suggested dialogue "Brains ... Brains!" #TVGold

- Bummer. I can imagine Ryan saying that to Castle; they enjoy teasing each other and that would have been a great line.

#6. @Agent_chuckles
Holy crap. They have rappels?! I want Castle's house! #Castle

- I am going to get to work installing one in my house as soon as possible. Although, I want Beckett's new loft. I wish we could see more of it because it is beautiful.

#5. @MKEthridge
I love that Beckett didn't hesitate over her answer. #VanHelsing #Castle

- There is no other acceptable character for Beckett's mythical counterpart; Van Helsing is dead on. I think Buffy starts out too young for current Beckett, but I could see some similarities there.

#4. @AudMcMacca
In which three cops are simultaneously speechless and a novelist high-fives an intern. #Castle

- That was such a Castle move; he was so excited and high-fiving the next random person he passed was a perfect expression of that.

#3. @Mon_Daze
I love that no matter how good with words #Castle is, Beckett always makes him forget them ... #UndeadCaskett

- Beckett was doing quite a bit of talking about their relationship in this episode. I may have melted when they were in the hospital, when she basically told him to wait for her and Castle looked like he understood.

#2. @Justinmwykes
The non-existent award for best line goes to @NathanFillion: "Is there a police code for zombie on the loose?" #Castle

- That line was hilarious, but I propose that Kate saying, "Tomorrow?", to Castle instead of "Good night" was the best. It shows just how much she has grown since the fifth episode when she criticizes Castle for saying that.

#1. @StefaniNBiddle
I'm officially hyperventilating inside right now because of the promo for next week's #Castle. This season finale is going to be EPIC!

- I thought last season's finale was epic, I cannot wait for this one! I hope it tops every previous episode without becoming overdramatic or repetitive because it relies on her mom's case once again.

Stephanie Hall
Fan Columnist

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