'Castle' Best Tweets: 'Til Death Do Us Part'
'Castle' Best Tweets: 'Til Death Do Us Part'
On Castle's midseason return, a man involved with numerous women is murdered. Thrown from a window, he strategically lands in a market among fruit. As Beckett and the boys investigate, they find that the victim was hiding a fake ID and $60,00 in cash and worked with a group of men who make a game out of picking up women. It appears as if the victim was targeting rich women for extortion. However, in the end, they find that he was murdered because of corporate espionage. 

Meanwhile, Ryan and Jenny attempt to do a bodily cleanse before their wedding by drinking only green juice. Ryan, though wanting to avoid solid foods, gives in to Moo Shu Pork and calmly admits that he knew Jenny could be in the victim's ledger. In the end, the wedding takes place, with Castle and Beckett agreeing to be each other's plus one. Here are the top 10 tweets from "Till Death Do Us Part."

#10. @Googlemouth
If Ryan and Jenny are both cheerful and energetic, they're both sneaking burgers on the sly. #Castle

- Burgers, good call. I definitely think burgers would be at the top of my list for sneaking in food. Either that or cookies; you can't go wrong with oatmeal chocolate chip.

#9. @Cloudsof_gray
LOL I love when Beckett is intrigued or engaged in #Castle's conspiracy theories.

- Many times I think she lets him ramble because he does on occasion say something useful to the case. It is also nice to see her embracing his presence and imagination more than in the previous seasons.

#8. @BjaminWood
"It's like the beginning of The Bachelor, only without the appletinis." Gotta love shameless synergistic cross-promotion. #ABC #Castle

- It appears they are building a tradition using Castle's lead-in as a tie-in, considering season 2's episode with Tom Bergeron.

#7. @BerlageR
"Booked under 'Jane Eyre.'" This show and its beautiful literary references melt my heart. <3 @Castle_ABC #Castle

- There are not many shows that can pull off a Jane Eyre reference in the same episode as Captain America, The Bachelor, Jason Bourne, and The Situation ones.

#6. @Reallysharrie
Kate: "Who knows, maybe third time's the charm." And Kate that line just opened the doors to your future #Castle

- Here's hoping Castle and Beckett are on the same page with this line.

#5. @CookieBearBert
"If we were getting married, would you want to know about all the men that I've slept with?" omg Kate. IF WE WERE GETTING MARRIED! #Castle

- I think this line, along with the last image, was foreshadowing at its finest. Or at least I'm wishing. Also, I love the caps in this tweet!

#4. @Liveagoodstory
"Thus restoring faith in my gender." - Kate Beckett @Stana_Katic Epic delivery of an epic line. #Castle

- Her delivery of this line was amazing: slightly demeaning the suspect while still being humorous and honest.

#3. @CastleAnonymous
That guy complimenting Beckett's eyes reminded me of when #Castle did the same thing in the pilot. #TilDeathDoUsPart

- Continuity was in full force tonight, and this one was a great callback. 

#2. @Mconnelly30
These men wish they were Barney Stinson #Castle

- That is exactly what I thought, though Barney would have had a much larger web of lies and aliases. These men could take lessons from Mr. Stinson.

#1. @SeamusDever
How about that field goal kicking? I told you. If you are on the East Coast, shouldn't you switch to Castle now?

- As much as I love a good football game, watching Castle is always a great decision!

Stephanie Hall
Fan Columnist

(Image courtesy of ABC)