'Castle' Best Tweets: 'The Limey'
'Castle' Best Tweets: 'The Limey'
Detective Inspector Colin Hunt from Scotland Yard assists the 12th Precinct in investigating the murder of his model friend Naomi, who left a clue for him on her body. This clue, a key, opens a locker containing a number sequence and picture of Consulate Nigel Wyndham. To get a copy of Nigel's fingerprints to run against those found on the victim, Hunt escorts Beckett to the Consulate party, but the prints are a dead end. Castle then solves the mystery of the number sequence, identifying it as a diplomatic pouch that contains missiles shipped from Uganda to JFK by Nigel's partner, the murderer. All the while, Lanie urges Beckett to go after Castle, but Beckett ultimately refrains, as Castle has been brushing her off for another woman. Here are the top 10 tweets about "The Limey."

#10. @Earsucker
Castle just made reference to Agent Bauer. I'm dyin'. #Castle

- Castle does an excellent job with throwing in references to TV shows and movies; they always make me laugh. Let's hope we get a great Firefly one with Adam Baldwin guest starring next episode.

#9. @Canakatydid
I think I like #Castle's plan better!

- Anything that involves repelling down a building and a Romanian gymnast is a win in my book. But more seriously, you know Beckett was all over trying to make Castle jealous after how he was acting.

#8. @Sheryllnkansas
Wow ... ALL of the different "lingo" and "accents" in this episode of #Castle ... I'd have to say the name "Biggie Slim" takes the cake.

- Whoever comes up with these names has the greatest job ever. Also, I loudly applaud the person that decided Castle was going to cover both Kate's and his eyes.

#7. @Harmacdess
Really? NO WAY! SHE IS READYYYYYYYYY! And he's not! #Castle #TheLimey

- I am so glad they have moved past the "other love interest" diversion and focused on something else equally as real. Hopefully they explore this a little more because I think it'll bring out some interesting revelations.

#6. @JessChuckNorris
I love this change of pace in #Castle tonight. We are in Beckett's head. Her side of things. Perfection. #TellHimYouLoveHim

- With last week's episode focusing so heavily on Castle's feelings, it was great to see Beckett finally owning up to her's.

#5. @Suomibeta
It's beautiful how many declarations this tag is getting! LOL #Castle #TellHimYouLoveHim

- If Lanie were real, I'm pretty sure she would have been the one starting this trending campaign. But I think if she were to tell him right now, he wouldn't accept it because of the pain he was feeling from her lie.

#4. @Nora02583
Thoroughly enjoying Caskett being perfectly imperfect. That's how a great love story is written.

- Fact. It's not a great love story unless there's a few obstacles to overcome. The fight is what makes us root for them.

#3. @LisaScottoline
This British guy is giving #Castle a run for his pound sterling.

- I'm not just saying this because I am one of them, but Castle has some of the smartest and wittiest fans around.

#2. @Stana_Katic
@TamalaJones Yay! Finally some Kbex n Lanie scenology tonight! Big hug, girl.

- First, Stana's enthusiasm cracks me up. Second, I have been waiting for Beckett and Lanie's friendship to be shown again. That was one of my favorite parts of the pilot and I am glad when it pops up every now and then.

#1. @Xoalexabrooke
I swear the season finale better be good and by good I mean AMAZING because I am so depressed right now. #Castle

- I agree; however, I think it is a good "depressed" because you know it has to get better from here. You can't have a happy ending if you've been happy the entire time; then that ending would be normal.

Stephanie Hall
Fan Columnist

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