'Castle' Best Tweets: 'The Blue Butterfly'
'Castle' Best Tweets: 'The Blue Butterfly'
Castle steps back in time in this film noir influenced episode. After the 12th precinct finds the body of a modern day treasure hunter named Stan, Castle begins reading a diary that Stan possessed; a diary that belonged to a private investigator from the 1940s. As he is reading the entries concerning the case of the Blue Butterfly necklace, Castle imagines the stories unfolding as if his friends and family were the people written about. Beckett and the team, by finding the surviving individuals involved in the necklace's disappearance, are able to solve the original case as well as the present day murder of Stan. Here are the top 10 tweets about "The Blue Butterfly."

#10. @Trishydelight
Holy Irish accent on Seamus Dever! I can't wait for the new #Castle episode. #ihopehetalksalotinthisone

- I love that they let Seamus and Jon Huertas do different accents for this episode. It displayed their immense talent, and Castle bothering Ryan about saying "boyo" was rather amusing.

#9. @Grym_Rayven
As if Beckett would be a mobster's dame, she'd be running the show! #Castle

- Such a true statement. Beckett is not a passive woman; she would be planning her own escape. I am actually a little surprised they didn't go the femme fatale rout with her but regardless, it was a phenomenal episode!

#8. @KasiaCh
Dear #Castle. I approve of @NathanFillion in a fedora and some Bogart mystique. More of the same, please.

- Having taken a film noir class, I appreciate their subtle references to these past actors. I have to say, every part of this episode and everyone involved was spot on.

#7. @Aurora_0811
Someone needs to hire @NathanFillion to record a series of noir P.I. audiobooks. #Castle #BlueButterfly

- To answer Castle's Question of, "Why am I narrating?" Because you nailed that accent and style of speaking. I would listen to those audiobooks, no doubt.

#6. @Stana_Katic (plays Kate Beckett)
@RedCarpetLuke Fantastic work on everyone's costumes for #BlueButterfly. You rocked it.

- The costumes in this episode were beyond well done. Stana was indeed dressed to kill in every outfit, and the rest of the cast pulled off the 40s wardrobe without flaw as well.

#5. @LifeOnThePage
"Tell me you love me, Joe?" "Always" ... Perfect ending to a perfect episode! Never deleting this recording! #Castle #BlueButterfly

- I love that no matter what is going on at the precinct or what reality Castle and Beckett are in, as soon as one of them mutters "always" my heart melts. I'll admit it.

#4. @NatesMama1128
I'm not sure if it's cooler that the bad guy is Jacob from #Lost or the Fulcrum agent from #Chuck. Probably equally cool. #Castle

- Don't forget, he was on Being Human and Supernatural also. Mark Pellegrino seems to be popping up just about everywhere, and doing a great job. 

#3. @Corewarrior
The Blue Butterfly was probably the one of the most creative #Castle episode to date!

- I always enjoy when television shows take a risk and go for a highly stylized episode, because they seem to turn out well, especially in this case.

#2. @Thetidebreaks
Basically sitting here with a gigantic, stupid grin on my face. Showwww, I love you so much show. #Castle

- Right there with you. I am pretty sure I had a stupid grin combined with crazy facial expressions for the entire episode.

#1. @RedCarpetLuke (Castle's Costume Designer)
This cast was MADE for the 1940s. @NathanFillion loves fedoras and the suits and overcoats we made were perfect for him.

- Both Stana and Nathan were born to play these noir characters. The looks, the accents, the mannerisms- they're naturals.

Stephanie Hall
Fan Columnist

(Image courtesy of ABC)