'Castle' Best Tweets: 'Pandora'
'Castle' Best Tweets: 'Pandora'
In the first hour of a two-part event, Alexis begins a new internship with Lanie, and Castle and Beckett are taken by the CIA to work on a case involving national security. Agent Sophia Conrad, Castle's former muse, leads the joint investigation as they track down Thomas Gage, a murderous and dangerous ex-operative trying to unleash a metaphoric and literal Pandora's box. Following a paper entitled "Pandora," Gage moves to release the linchpin capable of destroying the United State's economy. After surviving run-ins with Gage and being locked in a trunk, Castle and Beckett are left to drown in a sinking car at the harbor. Here are the top 10 tweets about "Pandora."

#10. @MacMcEntire
If #Castle and Beckett watch MythBusters, then they already know how to escape.

- MythBusters could have helped Castle and Beckett with just about every situation they got themselves in to this episode. Getting out of a locked trunk, not drowning in a sinking car ... at this rate, next week they should be buried alive.

#9. @Greatgrace84
How much do I love @NathanFillion's Dad scenes? So. Stinking. Much. Really well written; he totally pulls it off. #Castle

- Agreed. Although Castle doesn't take himself too seriously, he does an amazing job raising Alexis. I love the relationship they have because it's very friendly while still keeping the balance of authority.

#8. @SeamusDever
Let me know what you think of tonight's Castle episode. It's a big 'un.

- It was a slightly insane hour of television, in a good way of course. But I wish we could have seen a little more of Ryan and Esposito; I think Beckett trusts them enough to let them in on the secret.

#7. @MarieWillow
Ooooh, #Castle's so intriguing already!! What's behind the #Pandora title? Part of me is afraid to discover the answer.

- I was hoping the episode title would also imply Beckett opening her own little box of troubles by telling Castle that she remembers him confessing his love for her.

#6. @Castanatic
So this is where Castle got his CIA theories & fascination. Hmmm #Pandora #Castle

- That makes so much sense now. I wonder if Castle ever thought of his relationships to Sophia and Kate as similar prior to this episode.

#5. @Caskett1213
You know it's gonna be a good #Castle episode when they show the killer right away.

- Castle has always been about the story, and this is just another way of doing that. I like that they switched up the formula this time because it unfolds the story in a different but equally entertaining way.

#4. @Liveagoodstory
Good Lord. That image of Beckett turning the corner and seeing #Castle there with a bag over his head may never leave my brain. Terrifying.

- It never fails that every time either Castle or Beckett is in serious danger, the other one's expression is just heartbreaking.

#3. @Glossaria
Castle is having far FAR FAR too much fun with the whole "need to know" thing. *giggle* #Castle

- You know Castle has been waiting his entire life to be able to say that phrase ... and mean it.

#2. @Gorramit
Can the CIA please put a "Writer" tag on #Castle's black bag?

- YES, I think this is a reasonable request. One of my favorite long-running jokes on Castle is his writer's vest; whenever I see it, I think it is the greatest thing.

#1. @Analiesa
"The way you look at her." Oh if only you knew, Beckett!! If only you knew #Castle #Pandora

- This episode was filled with so many great lines about Castle and Beckett's relationship. Part of me felt bad for Kate being upset, but then the other part wanted to scream at her to just tell him!

Stephanie Hall
Fan Columnist

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