'Castle' Best Tweets: 'Once Upon a Crime'
 'Castle' Best Tweets: 'Once Upon a Crime'
On tonight's episode of Castle, Beckett and the boys investigate the murders of women dressed as fairy tale characters. They connect the deceased Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White and the unconscious Sleeping Beauty through a seven-year-old photograph taken the night Little Red's relative by marriage passed away. The writing on the back of the photo reveals that the three were being blackmailed because of the circumstances surrounding his death. The NYPD catches the man responsible for the blackmail and also accuses him of the murders however, through Castle's stroke of genius, they catch the true killer: Sleeping Beauty. Here are the top 10 tweets about "Once Upon a Crime."

#10. @TheSuicideTrees
All I tweet about is #Castle and it ruled again but WHAT WAS ON THAT PAPER, KATE? #OnceUponACrime

- That was an incredibly devious move by the writers and I applaud it. It was such a small, almost unnoticeable, aspect of the episode, so it will either become huge in the future or it was completely irrelevant. Let's hope it's the former.

#9. @WeShadows
If Castle is Prince Charming and the shoe fits, does that make Beckett Cinderella? I think yes. #Castle #OnceUponACrime #RenewCastle

- I am trying to imagine which fairy tale character best suits Beckett, and it may be Cinderella for the fact that she is not as much of a damsel as other fairy tale women are.

#8. @Mon_Daze
"Real love stories never have happy endings, because real love stories never end." #OnceUponACrime #Castle

- I love this statement for the fact that it is so hopeful; it reminds me of when Castle says, "Until tomorrow", to Beckett in the first season.

#7. @Derbykid
The killer is going after princesses and wants to take away their happy endings. How is this NOT Regina Mills #Castle #OnceUponACrime

- As much as I enjoyed this episode, I would have liked for the Evil Queen to have made an appearance. 

#6. @ARabidWriter
Whether with a word, touch, or a glance, #Castle captures the hearts of its fans on a weekly basis. That's no small feat. #RenewCastle

- Television fans are some of the most vocal and unforgiving people on the planet, and I say that lovingly, being one of them. So to see all the positive feedback that Castle has is just amazing. 

#5. @Stringertheory
OF COURSE Beckett loves the original Grimm stories. I love her for being awesome. #Castle

- Beckett occasionally surprises me with her knowledge of some subjects, but then when I get to thinking about it, it makes total sense. She's the kind of woman not wrapped up in perfect fairy tales endings but something real and equally as moving.

#4. @TheViewingParty
That one little moment was better than a kiss. #AppropriateRelationshipDevelopment #finally #Castle #OnceUponACrime

- I agree with this, because Beckett holding Castle's hand seemed like she was saying, "You know I care about you, let's do this right", instead of wanting to throw all their feelings out there and wreck their relationship.

#3. @Bklynsquint 
Dear Beckett and Castle, please start listening to your own advice. That'd be great, thanks. Love ya! #Castle #OnceUponACrime

- You could tell both of them definitely understood the irony of their statements when speaking about secrets. The only question is, did they notice each other's uneasiness?

#2. @AndrewWMarlowe 
Dear #Castle fans, both patient and very impatient - I thank you all for caring so much.

- Don't you worry Andrew Marlowe, we will always care. We may be a little impatient at times, demanding and persistent, but know it comes from a place of love.

#1. @Allyson_Singsxo
Congratulations #Castle and @LilAngelK8. You have singlehandedly killed the Castle fandom. We cannot control our shipper emotions. Well done.

- Praise to Kate Sargeant for an excellent job writing this episode. I was slightly concerned about how fairy tales would be handled and that we wouldn't see repercussions from the Caskett drama in the two-parter, but it was all handled beautifully.

Stephanie Hall
Fan Columnist

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