'Castle' Best Tweets: 'Linchpin'
'Castle' Best Tweets: 'Linchpin'
In the conclusion to a two-part episode, WWIII looms nearer as the CIA works with Castle and Beckett to prevent the death of a young Chinese child. This girl, the daughter of a Chinese businessman, is the linchpin, and her "accidental" assassination by a member of the CIA would cause other nations to refuse the United States loans, leading to the downfall of the economy. The investigation leads them to realize that there is a mole within the CIA, and after a few false accusations, Agent Sophia Conrad is finally revealed as the traitor. Here are the top 10 tweets about "Linchpin."

#10. @Moyamoyagarden
Ok. Time to get ready for #CASTLE. Must be hard to hold your breath under water for a week!! LOL!

- That cliffhanger was torturous, not because of the threat that one may die, but because you were waiting for a week knowing that there was going to be a touching moment when they were so near to death.

#9. @Samuelle90
Contacting the CIA- there's an app for that! #Castle

- I think Castle may be deleting that app after Sophia almost killed him ... or not, considering the revelation about his father.

#8. @LunaOnTheInside
How they hell are they so calm? In normal voices: "My door won't open." "Yeah, mine won't either." #Castle #Linchpin

- If they were to die in that situation, together, they wouldn't be freaking out.

#7. @Sarahlynn0591
Jennifer Beals did a phenomenal job! #Castle #Linchpin

- She did an excellent job keeping her creepy under wraps until the second part of the episode. As soon as she snuck into Castle's apartment I got an eerie vibe from her, and I love that this episode started with that feeling.

#6. @Paige_devon
SO MANY TWIST AND TURNS ... THIS is just one of the mmmaaannnnyyy reasons I LOVE #Castle

- Oh my goodness; that episode was a whirlwind of twists. I respect that they made Sophia a traitor because the two-part episode in the past have included tough agents that were similar to each other, and this set Agent Conrad apart.

#5. @GhostLinz
You know it's a good ep when you are breathless, FLAILING and frustrated all at the same time. #Linchpin #Castle

- Yes, perfect description of my emotions. This episode somehow blended shocking with sweet, and made me gasp and smile. It was an overall wonderful episode.

#4. @GhostLinz
Where was KB's denial? Where was her, 'Yeah, but Castle and I are different?' #Linchpin #Castle

- I think the reason she didn't speak up is that she's still struggling to figure out how deeply she wants to get involved with Castle.

#3. @Christyvourcos
Theory: What if #Castle's father actually was trying to protect Beckett's mother but wasn't able to? He tries to stay away to protect them.

- Such an interesting theory. I loved that Castle's father was finally mentioned in more than just passing. I wouldn't put it past the writers if he was somehow connected to past storylines.

#2. @BklynSquint
"I think Sophia told a lot of lies." You know what's up, Kate Beckett. ;) #Castle #Linchpin

- Though we did not see Beckett show any admission of feelings for Castle when speaking to Sophia, this line showed great progress in acceptance. I'd say, this might have been my favorite part of the episode.

#1. @_Noome_
Trust in the Marlowe people ... Trust in the Marlowe #Linchpin #Castle

- I fully believe that (creator) Andrew Marlow has a firm plan in place and will not disappoint concerning the Castle/Beckett relationship.

Stephanie Hall
Fan Columnist

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