'Castle' Best Tweets: 'Kill Shot'
'Castle' Best Tweets: 'Kill Shot'
As the 12th precinct tracks down a sniper who is murdering individuals with recent successes, Beckett experiences severe post traumatic stress from her nearly fatal encounter with a sniper in last season's finale. With the support of the team, Beckett collects herself well enough to be influential in solving the case. Here are the top 10 tweets from "Kill Shot."

#10. @Nora02583
I love the humor on #Castle, but when it starts to tug at my heartstrings, that's when the show is at its absolute finest.

- I think when an episode can elicit any sort of emotion from the audience, especially when it is an attachment to the characters, that classifies it as a success.

#9. @Castle_PA
Check out "Kill Shot." @Stana_Katic is AMAZING! Also the girls in the Prod. Office think @Jon_Huertas is badass/sexy in it. Tonight @ 10!

#8. @GCatsPjs 
I have to say, that episode of #Castle was fanfreakingTASTIC. The distortion of colors and sounds ... absolutely spellbinding!

- This was a good episode to delve into the creative aspects of filmmaking and, being well done, it really helped bring out the emotions of the characters.

#7. @SkyyTweet 
That scene was flawless. We don't see nearly enough of the relationship between Kate and Esposito. #Castle

- This is true. I also wish we saw more of the friendship between Beckett and Lanie.

#6. @CastleLover26
Castle you idiot!!! Just hold her and tell her everything will be all right!!!! #Castle

- Thank you for saying what we were all thinking.

#5. @JenLovesBones 
And ... "Always." #Castle One word. A world of emotion.

- It is amazing how so little can say so much. I love how both Beckett and Castle have said this to one another on a variety of occasions.

#4. @ShulesLover33
Wow ... this is actually really scary/creepy #Castle. I love how this episode delves into the psychological effects on Kate though.

- This episode tied her emotions into the case very well and was able to show the effects of crime through her eyes as a victim.

#3. @ZexyContender
If I were Beckett, I'd want to be comforted by @NathanFillion. #Castle

- Absolutely. He does have a calming and trusting quality about him.

#2. @AmSpaceCadet 
If @Jon_Huertas gave everyone on the planet a pep talk, a) I'd be the first in line and b) fear would cease to exist. #Castle

- A) I would rival you for that spot. B) The way he gave that speech to Beckett, I think there could be a real chance of reducing fear.

#1. @Banana_Ridah
I love you, Kate Beckett. You are a vision of strength and beauty. #Castle

- I love that Beckett is not just a pretty face or only a good detective; she is both and demonstrates what it means to be successful.

Stephanie Hall
Fan Columnist

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