'Castle' Best Tweets: 'Heartbreak Hotel'
'Castle' Best Tweets: 'Heartbreak Hotel'
This week on Castle, Beckett and the gang investigated a murder connected to an Atlantic City hotel casino. Taking a different approach to the case, Castle, Esposito and Ryan traveled alone to Atlantic City, while Beckett and Gates worked together from the precinct. In true Castle style, there was some mischief from our favorite triad of men, including their dressing up as Elvis impersonators. With so many amusing aspects to this episode, the Twitter community was highly active. Here are the top 10 tweets from "Heartbreak Hotel."

#10. @Dashthecrux
Whoo shout out to Jane Austen and John Hughes on #Castle in less than 3 minutes of the show. I LOVE IT!

- This show is excellent about referencing authors, history, pop culture. I love that it is so well-rounded and current.

#9. @Canakatydid
"I'm El-Ves", just might be the greatest single (comedic) line ever uttered on #Castle!!

- Castle does have some of the greatest lines! Comedic and sentimental.

#8. @Tookyourmatches
"That's something that Castle's pretty good at." Way to be subtle, Becks. ;) #Castle
(the quote was said by Beckett to Gates after Gates gives Beckett a work suggestion)

- It is refreshing to see Gates slowly warming up to the Castle-Beckett dynamic.

#7. @MilaWriter
#Castle is the only thing that makes Mondays bearable. @NathanFillion is so hilarious on that show. And they're all such great actors!

- Wonderfully stated. Castle has a phenomenal cast capable of such diverse material; there is not a weak actor among the bunch!

#6. @TerriEdda
"RT @MurderMondays: @AndrewWMarlowe One week we're brought to tears through drama and the next it is through laughs." HaHa! Tis our evil plan.

- One thing I love about Castle is that it successfully alternates between humorous and serious episodes without one type being "the norm". Each episode is unique, and at the same time, familiar.

#5. @kateeburton
Every single day ... I thank God ... for #Castle. @NathanFillion

- As do I.

#4. @bookoisseur
I am digging @Stana_Katic's ballet-bun look this episode. It's very classy. #Castle

- Her hair has been looking gorgeous lately. I love the parallel between her appearance becoming more relaxed and her allowing Castle to inch closer to her.

#3. @Castle_41319
#Castle would totally follow Beckett to an abandoned warehouse. No exceptions.

- Absolutely. It should also be noted that Beckett would not hesitate to follow Castle into an abandoned warehouse.

#2. @leifwells
The writing staff for #Castle should get a raise for every conversation they write.

- I 100 percent agree with this statement. They have come up with some of the most ingenious conversations without them becoming too over the top.

#1. @NathanFillion
A. Who is watching Castle? B. How do ya like that outfit?
(referring to Castle's Elvis costume)

- The sideburns were an... ummm... interesting look, Nathan. But overall it was great to see Castle in disguise.

Stephanie Hall
Fan Columnist

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