'Castle' Best Tweets: 'Headhunters'
'Castle' Best Tweets: 'Headhunters'

Castle decides he wants a change of pace and begins to shadow Detective Slaughter (guest star Adam Baldwin), who is Kate's polar opposite, on the case of a young man found dead alongside severed heads. Slaughter relies on unconventional and illegal methods to investigate, which puts Castle in harm's way and breaks his trust in Slaughter. Before Castle even asks for help, Beckett hands him a folder, showing that she had his back the entire time. Castle and Beckett then walk the crime scene together and realize that it was the boy's father who murdered him out of disappointment, instead of it resulting from gang wars as Slaughter believed. Meanwhile, Alexis opens numerous acceptance letters from prestigious colleges but struggles to decide on one. Here are the top 10 tweets about "Headhunters."

#10. @Jenlovesbones
"Associate Civilian Investigator". I love that #Castle's title continues to grow.

- Same here. Castle's a writer; he was born to come up with the most flowery title for himself.

#9. @Little_Moff
And now I kind of want to see Alex wielding a sickle and a scythe. #Castle
(After Slaughter told Castle that he was hitting on Alexis.)

- I can actually see Alexis doing that; she is a fighter, after all. Also, she would be justified in strongly rejecting Slaughter's creepy advances, though maybe not by slicing him in half.

#8. @PhaedraWeldon
Ah! The scene with Castle and Ironman was priceless! #Castle

- Can we have Joss Whedon direct more big movies from now on just to get these hilarious cross-promotions?

#7. @RebecaValdez
Love Beckett's #Castle impression: "Everything is fine."

- Seeing Beckett at her therapist's again made me glad. She needs someone other than Lanie to make her accept her feelings and act on them.

#6. @Lolabug11
I'm not gonna lie, I'm in Nerd heaven right now!! #Castle #Chuck #Firefly

- This episode made me miss so many past shows as I enjoyed every nerdy reference to them. Who would I have to speak with to get Zachary Levi to guest star?

#5. @ilovebonesx
After a two week wait it's #Castle tonight. How awesome! -"Don't use the word awesome; you're a grown man."

- This rule number one ceases to apply when speaking about Castle because it is, quite frankly, awesome.

#4. @Aprilleeallen
"Do you want it badly enough to get over being hurt?" -#Castle he needs to take his own advice. Great episode!

- Castle always gives advice to others that would work so well for himself. But then again, if he always took his own advice, there would be no drama and excitement, or frustration- whichever way you look at it.
#3. @NathanFillion
East Coast! Get ready for @adamsbaldwin on Castle tonight. Really. He's good in this.

- You two work exceptionally well together. Browncoats reunited!

#2. @Mari_ammm
Single? No. Taken? No. Waiting for Kate Beckett in Never-Gonna-Happen-Land? Check. #Castle

- I always enjoy Castle fans and their never-ending cleverness and passion. Thank you for making compiling these articles a pleasure.

#1. @Tookyourmatches
She just risked being suspended for him. Please, Castle. Tell us how she obviously doesn't love you. #Castle

- I think Kate keeping tabs on his case without him asking may have alerted him to her feelings. Now I am really curious to see which one of them will act first.

Stephanie Hall
Fan Columnist

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