'Castle' Best Tweets: 'Dial M for Mayor'
'Castle' Best Tweets: 'Dial M for Mayor'
How does one investigate a conspiracy theory without being fully briefed on its depth? In an episode of Castle that brought back questions about Joanna Beckett's murder and showed Castle trusting Ryan to keep secrets from Beckett, the precinct looks into the death of a young girl connected to the Mayor. Finding out that funds are being embezzled from the Mayor's charity, Beckett makes the decision to pursue Mayor Weldon as a suspect even though his guilt may mean the end of her and Castle's working partnership. Just before a man in custody was about to give up the leader of the conspiracy, a lawyer enters the room to quiet him. In the end, Castle once again meets with his mysterious informant concerned with Beckett's safety and he gives Castle hints about a working plan. Here are the top 10 tweets about "Dial M for Mayor".

#10. @MacMcEntire
I would pay good money to see Martha's version of KING LEAR. #Castle

- I cannot even imagine how entertaining that would be!

#9. @JenniP83
I support #Bones and #Castle even if they use each others casts :) yay Michael Grant Terry I will watch your face on anything!

-  Oh, Wendell, you can pop up on my screen anytime. 

#8. @Cloudsof_gray
I can't remember Kate ever lying before. Aside from in interrogations. That's ... a big deal. #Castle

- Kate has left some information out while talking to Montgomery in order to protect him from consequences, but this is the first time Beckett truly lied to her captain. Has Castle corrupted her? Or does she have stronger feelings for him, making her risk more for their partnership?

#7. @Torilynnclare
That awkward moment when you are watching #Castle and you have to remind yourself to breathe. @Castle_ABC

- Welcome to Monday night. I love that even after four years of watching this show it can still surprise me in the way the writers come up with new and convoluted storylines.

#6. @Mon_Daze
Love 1x01 Beckett wanted nothing to do w/ Castle & here we are 4x12 ... Beckett wanting nothing more than for him to stay #Castle #DialMForMayor

- Beckett has been a character of so much growth throughout the series; my favorite part has to be her gradual relaxation and willingness to goof around more.

#5. @Un3ndingTragedy
The cute little speech that Captain Gates just gave Beckett #Castle

- This was the first time that Gates has really been given personality and it was a turning point for my feelings about her. I started out not liking her because I did not know her, but now she appears more reasonable and human.

#4. @Star_By_Night
My theory that it's always the guest star that you recognize that is the killer - is being blown apart on #Castle. I recognize all of them!

- I never thought about that, but you are absolutely right. I think it has to do with giving those actors interesting parts to play, and killers definitely fit that model.

#3. @GhostLinz
SHE CALLED HIM RICK ... RICK!!! Without it being a weapon or sarcasm. I AM DEAD OF AWESOMENESS #Castle #DialMForMayor (@KitMoxie)

- The excitement in the tweet ... smile. It's the little things that make Castle a great show to watch.

#2. @Rebeccamcvicar
Yea, sure, just bring up the JB case up randomly in the middle of all this. Honestly. It's not like I just flipped out at the TV ... #Castle

- Right there with you. That was a twist I did not see coming in the slightest.

#1. @JohnThMills89
What an insane culmination of evidence and events. #Castle - A well placed pawn: More important than a king!

- I am interested to see how long it takes for this chess game to conclude. Giving Beckett rest about her mother's case may take away a few more plot ideas but it will make her character sprout from a past holding her back. 

Stephanie Hall
Fan Columnist

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