'Castle' Best Tweets: 'Cuffed'
'Castle' Best Tweets: 'Cuffed'
What happens when Castle and Beckett wake up with no memory of the past few hours to find themselves handcuffed together? Arguably one of the most interesting episodes of Castle to date. Having been abducted, Castle and Beckett attempt to piece their memory back together while attempting various ways to escape the confines of a dungeon. Meanwhile, the rest of the 12th precinct try to solve the case, which involves illegal breeding and selling of exotic animals. Here are the top 10 tweets from "Cuffed."

#10. @Effie214
How to Investigate Crime, rule no. 27374: beware of all oversized appliances. #Castle #Cuffed #CuffedChat

- Beware of oversized appliances, especially if they have knives in them. Maybe we could turn that into a barbeque?

#9. @Jessica_Manion
I just love when you guys talk about your relationship and you just don't know it. #Castle

- This episode had some of the best undertones of the series, perfectly placed and executed.

#8. @TerriEdda
Don't you love the new tech screen in the precinct? I do #CuffedChat

- Oh, so many things I could do with it. 1) Where can I acquire one? 2) Free delivery and installation?

#7. @Aubreykateb
I love how Beckett depends on Castle's story to get through all her tough times. #Cuffed #Castle

- Castle's stories are one of my favorite aspects of this show. They almost have as many layers as "the Beckett onion".

#6. @Whattheginger
#Castle should not have commercials.... Awesomeness should never be interrupted!!

- Sometimes I feel this way too, but other times I like that the commercial breaks heighten tension. 

#5. @Chippers87
Current #Castle theory: Old lady is a Castle/Beckett shipper, and handcuffing them together is the only way to get what she wants. 

- Let's be honest, this is way better than any of the theories I came up with.

#4. @ErinNicholas
I really think there were a lot of margaritas being passed around as the writers worked on this episode. #Castle

- If margaritas helped them write this episode, I am all for that party being repeated.

#3. @CarrieMmiller
Cried during #himym, laughed during #2BrokeGirls, and now terrified during #Castle. TV is killin me tonight!

- Honestly, that is one of the best feelings. I would much rather be carried on a crazy ride throughout my television than be apathetic.

#2. @NathanFillion
Three people you'd like to be handcuffed to for the day?

- Nathan Fillion. Clark Kent. JJ Abrams.

#1. @Jaymeth28
I think it's pretty clear that @TerriEdda and @AndrewWMarlowe need to write more eps together. #Cuffed #Castle

- Wonderfully written. Humorous, frightening, adorable. This episode was pure genius.

Stephanie Hall
Fan Columnist

(Image courtesy of ABC)