'Castle' Best Tweets: 'An Embarrassment of Bitches'
'Castle' Best Tweets: 'An Embarrassment of Bitches'
Castle and Beckett are brought into the world of reality television and dog shows when one of the contest's judges is murdered. A Kim Kardashian inspired character, Kay Cappuccio, becomes highly entangled in the investigation, as she was seen fleeing the murder scene. Through investigating her connection to the murder suspect, the team realizes that in addition to training show dogs, the victim had a side business of breeding drug-sniffing dogs. In the end, Kay's boyfriend was revealed to be the murderer because he was friends with a major drug cartel family. Meanwhile, Castle and Beckett temporarily share joint custody of the victim's dog, Royal. Here are the 10 best tweets about "An Embarrassment of Bitches."

#10. @Kelseyg2010
#Castle episodes are so random. All the more reason to love them :)

- Exactly. Last week was a serious episode concerning the mayor, this week a humorous one about reality TV, and soon a noir inspired episode; you never know what they are going to throw at you, but they are all wonderfully done.

#9. @BklynSquint 
Kate Beckett is an undercover softie. #Castle

- Hilarious comment! Beckett has lightened up significantly this season. I like to think she is inwardly swooning over her partner in crime.

#8. @Analiesa
My newest ship is now Castle + Beckett + Royal #Castle

- I am pretty sure the entire audience agrees with you on that one. Castle and Beckett trying to share joint custody of that dog was some of the sweetest indirect relationship drama we have seen thus far.

#7. @DorianAlice
Hello Justin Hartley and Hilarie Burton! #Castle is extra sexy tonight ;) #BeautifulPeople

- I didn't think it was possible that Castle could increase their amount of gorgeousness considering their regular cast; this episode proved me wrong. In all seriousness, I was overly ecstatic when I heard these two would be appearing on the show, and their performances tonight met my high expectations.

#6. @l33tsaber
I almost can't pay attention to the murder case in tonight's #Castle because my mind keeps going PUPPYYYYYYYYY!

- How did they find such adorable dogs, and where can I get one?

#5. @Jenlovesbones
Awww heck ... this is Hilarie Burton!! I just realized it was her ... she looks so different. It was the voice that got me lol. #Castle

- If I could have anyone's accent in the world, it would absolutely be her slightly southern twang (not the higher pitched voice she for this episode, though it did work well).

#4. @CindyAgoncillo
My roommate and I just sat silent with our mouths wide open as we watched the preview of next week's #Castle. And then we squealed with joy!

- I am beyond excited for the next episode! There is no doubt that both Stana and Nathan can pull off classic noir characters; with their looks and mannerisms, it should be a phenomenal episode. Though I must mention it's two weeks from now (Feb 6).

#3. @RedCarpetLuke
In #AnEmbarrassmentofBitches tonight character Kaye Cappuccio's costumes are OFF THE HOOK!!!

- Considering you are the costume designer, I think you know what you're talking about. Well done, Luke; her clothes were indeed "off the hook".

#2. @Shuleslover33
The way to settle it as men is ... playing rock, paper, scissors. That's legit. #Castle

- Whoever came up with that scene, I want to shake your hand. But I think many Big Bang fans were clamoring for the inclusion of lizard and Spock with all the other pop culture references. Maybe next time.

#1. @R_Silent
@Jon_Huertas be honest, you felt good when they told you you would be tossing the Green Arrow guy around in an ep of #Castle

- Dear Justin Hartley, how excited were you when you realized you'd be wearing normal clothes the entire episode? But, I think the Green Arrow suit with its slew of gadgets would have prevented such a great throw down by Espo.

Stephanie Hall
Fan Columnist

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