'Castle' Best Tweets: '47 Seconds'
'Castle' Best Tweets: '47 Seconds'
On this week's episode of Castle, the twelfth precinct investigates a bombing at an Occupy Wallstreet-esque protest. Because no one was specifically targeted, the case proves more difficult than others. Through cell phone GPS tracking, analyzing video footage of the forty-seven seconds prior to the blast, speaking with Westside Wally and a street musician, and wrongfully arresting a pickpocket, they finally catch the man responsible for planting the bomb. However, he was not responsible for setting it off; that would be the reporter who covered the bombing.

This case causes Castle to evaluate what he wants out of life because he has seen death take the least expectant. Martha urges Castle to tell Beckett that he loves her (again). When he goes back to the police station, Castle hears Beckett admit that she remembers everything from when she was shot. Although Kate appears ready to let Castle express his feelings, Castle has now lost hope in a future relationship with her and keeps his knowledge a secret. Here are the top 10 tweets about "47 Seconds."

#10. @Daveblend
I'm watching an explosive episode of #Castle. Because a bomb just went off. And because of the explosive handsomeness.

- Exploding bombs, exploding handsomeness, exploding secrets ... there was a lot of great insanity in this episode that heightened tension well for a grand finale.

#9. @Itsjlatte
It's going to be funny seeing Castle trying to make Beckett extremely jealous. #Castle

- It's going to be funny and it will be effective. Beckett is highly driven by what she wants, and I don't think she's going to treat this situation any differently. If I were Beckett, I'd start toying with him back.

#8. @Feed_The_Birds
The dance is fun but she has to realize this is for keeps. Kate needs to allow #Castle to help make her whole again, or at least try. #47secs

- You bring up a great point. Castle has constantly loosened Beckett up and taught her to enjoy life more. Kate has lost too many people in her life for this important man to abandon her.

#7. @Athena_dalessio
The look that Beckett just gave Castle when she saw him with his daughter was absolutely adorable. #Castle

- Alexis already looks up to Beckett like a mentor and confidant, I think it's only appropriate that Beckett eventually ends up in the family. *hint hint, writers*

#6. @Emilylouhoo
"She's not dead." "She might as well be." #Castle. Baby, I know you're upset but you better watch what you say ... she almost died19 eps ago. #47secs

- That line was one of the hardest things to watch because it came off so real. I just wanted to give Castle a big hug and tell him it was going to be all right. 

#5. @Carol_mag
#Caskett is the new #Jate ... So many interruptions! #Castle #Lost

- I need Sawyer (Josh Holloway) back on my television screen ASAP. He pulled off a detective rather well in the final season of Lost, let's have him guest star on Castle. Also, Ryan and Esposito need to work on their detecting- they interrupt important personal conversations far too often.

#4. @GhostLinz
Guys, I think we need to start a petition. Lock Caskett in that elevator where NO ONE can interrupt! #47secs #Castle

- Yes! Can we handcuff them together again as well? I was waiting for Beckett to run after Castle when he gazed at her from the elevator in that last scene. At some point, I hope they do rush at each other for a spinning embrace.

#3. @Safeword_apples
Who has a spare heart? Mine is about to explode. #47secs #Castle

- I am a shipper at heart, a currently broken heart, and this episode had me flailing with every emotion possible. But I would rather be too invested than apathetic.

#2. @Mynewyorkad
That's the BEST way for her secret to come out! Seriously! SO GOOD WRITERS, SO GOOD! She can't even see his initial reaction. GUH #Castle

- This sets up a whole 'nother level of drama that is going to make the next few episodes very interesting.

#1. @Hui_chong
I think I speak for the #Castle fandom when I say we all need some Emergency Cheering Up Pancakes to help us make it thru this week.

- It was such a good episode, but seeing Castle so upset and about to give up on love was painful!

Stephanie Hall
Fan Columnist

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