'Castle' 5.9 Preview: Hunting Santa, Breaking Traditions and a Post-Holiday Hookup
'Castle' 5.9 Preview: Hunting Santa, Breaking Traditions and a Post-Holiday Hookup
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Castle season 5 airs its special Christmas episode on Monday, December 03. Check out some videos from the episode, called "Secret Santa," and find out why Santa is being investigated for murder, how Castle may end up spending his Christmas Eve alone, and who might be hooking up again when the holidays are over. 

In the first video, we find the Castle family getting together to decorate the Christmas tree. Everyone is there to enjoy the holiday, but it looks like the family bliss will only last so long. Poor Castle is disappointed to discover that both his mother and his daughter have plans for Christmas Eve, even though that is traditionally when they open their presents. Castle may have to accept that things are changing in his family, but maybe he won't be as sad when he realizes that this means he can begin building some new holiday traditions with Kate. 

In the second video, Kate and Castle are interviewing a suspect for a murder; nothing overly unusual about that, unless of course you count the fact that their suspect is none other than Kris Kringle himself. Sure, Santa has apparently been involved in some very un-Santa-like behavior, such as picking fights and drinking too much, but methinks Castle and Kate better watch out or they could end up on the naughty list. 

Here are a few more things we know from watching the video:

  • Santa is more interested in getting print ads than handing out presents. 
  • Santa thinks it might be time to hang up the fluffy red jockstrap (an image I wish had never entered my mind). 
  • Santa will have to do more than just deny he killed someone to convince Kate. 

In the final video, we find Javi chatting up Lanie about her Christmas Eve plans, and it looks like he's interested in more than just sitting down with her for a hot cup of cocoa. Turns out Lanie already has plans for the night with some girlfriends, but she's not opposed to him giving her a call when the holidays are over. Does this mean that another one of our favorite couples is about to get back together? I sure do hope so. 

Here are a few more things we know from watching the video:

  • Javi has started wearing cologne to work
  • Lanie can still read Javi like an open book. 
  • Lanie does not want them to be one of those sad, desperate holiday hookups. 

What do you think after watching the clips for this episode of Castle? Are you excited by the idea of Lanie and Javi getting back together? How do you think Castle will end up spending his Christmas Eve?

Castle airs on Monday nights at 10pm on ABC. 

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