Buddy Battles Semifinals: Ryan and Esposito vs. Brennan and Angela!
Buddy Battles Semifinals: Ryan and Esposito vs. Brennan and Angela!
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The Buddy Battles have been raging hard all March and we're coming down to the wire! Soon we'll be crowning your favorite dynamic duo, but first there's another pair ready to battle it out in the semifinal round.

We've got another battle of the crime fighters! Ryan and Esposito from Castle just narrowly beat out Morgan and Garcia from Criminal Minds in their round. Will these two best bros prevail again? 

Or will it go to Brennan and Angela from Bones, the only ladies left standing in the Buddy Battles? While Ryan and Espo use their sleuthing skills in NYC, Brennan and Angela spend all day looking at bones in order to solve crimes.

Update: Bones and Angela Narrowly Prevail!
It was one of the tightest races in all of the Buddy Battles so far, but Brennan and Angela from Bones just narrowly squeaked by fellow crime fighters Ryan and Esposito from Castle.

Fans were passionate on both sides, but ultimately the lady detectives beat out the boys by only a few percent. Dramatic! If anything, this shows just how motivated the Castle and Bones fanbases really are.

 But can those Bones fans prevail against the Supernatural obsessives? We'll find out tomorrow. Until then Bones fans, revel in your victory!   

Here's how the bracket stands right now: 
Remember, you have until 3pm PST/ 6pm EST tomorrow to fight for your favorites. You only get one vote, so make sure you make it count!

If you're on Twitter, make sure to tweet to tell us who you're voting for and why with the hashtag #BuddyBattles, and your tweets might just show up if your duo of choice pulls through. 

Don't forget to vote in the poll and let us know why your favorites should win in the comments! 

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