'Idol' Roundup: Listen to Kelly Clarkson's 'People Like Us,' Nicki Minaj Promo and More
'Idol' Roundup: Listen to Kelly Clarkson's 'People Like Us,' Nicki Minaj Promo and More
Jeff Dodge
Jeff Dodge
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Another new song by Kelly Clarkson has been released, and it sounds just like the Kelly we know and love. Two new American Idol promos have aired on TV, one of which focuses on new judge Nicki Minaj. And Phillip Phillips performed "Man on the Moon" while promoting his album.

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First Listen: Kelly Clarkson's "People Like Us"

If you've been following out Idol Roundups, you know that there will be three new songs included on Kelly Clarkson's Greatest Hits -- Chapter One, which will be available to buy on Monday. We've already heard the other two songs, "Catch My Breath" and "Don't Rush" featuring Vince Gill. And now the third song has made its way online. "People Like Us," which is fantastic by the way, is the type of powerful pop song we've come to expect from the Idol Queen. And I wouldn't be surprised if her label releases it as the second single.

New Promo Previews Nicki Minaj as Judge

The American Idol season 12 promos keep coming left and right now. The first one below focuses on the new judges: "Randy and Ryan team up with music's global icons." But we still get plenty of shots of the auditioners as well as past contestants. And they of course can't finish without putting in a little dig at their competitors: "New season of the show that turns unknowns into superstars. Others dream, Idol delivers."

We all expect Nicki Minaj to be the "crazy" but honest one on the judges panel when the show returns in January. And if this Nicki-centric promo is anything to go by, then I don't think we'll be let down. The text on the screen says, "Nicki Minaj is wild, original, honest. She's bringing it all to American Idol. Brace yourself."

Since this promo focused on Nicki, I'm assuming Mariah Carey and Keith Urban will each get their own eventually.

Phillip Phillips Performs "Man on the Moon"

To promote his debut album, The World from the Side of the Moon, available Monday, Phillip Phillips stopped by KDWB 101.3 and performed the opening track, "Man on the Moon." (This is the song that he got the album title from: "I watch the world from the side of the moon.") Because he follows the tradition of White Guy With Guitar winners on Idol, I didn't have high hopes for him. But after the success of "Home" and hearing the song previews, I'm really looking forward to this record.

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