Alessandra Torresani Talks 'Caprica'
Alessandra Torresani Talks 'Caprica'
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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"We're our own show," says Alessandra Torresani regarding Caprica, which premieres this Friday. The people behind the Battlestar Galactica prequel apparently can't stress it enough. But for the Los Angeles native, she admits that Caprica will be banking on the success of BSG to haul in viewers.

"Yeah we're following in their footsteps," she tells the Los Angeles Times, "but we're a completely different show and we're a different style of show. We're not battleships fighting each other running away from the Cylons. Yeah, you want to keep all of their fans, and you want more, but you can't guarantee that... it's fresh and new and we're going to base it on a completely new idea."

Her character Zoe Graystone is a radical who becomes a catalyst for the eventual destruction of the 12 colonies. On the main BSG franchise, the colonies were at war with a cybernetic race known as Cylons, with the Battlestar Galactica being the only ship on the Colonial Fleet that survived.

When Caprica kicks off, we won't see a lot of Zoe Graystone (for obvious reasons), but Torresani says we'll get to know the characters she plays real well. Zoe's likeness and personality are utilized to create the first Cylon on the prequel.

"Well I play five different people from the pilot to the season finale - which I'm assuming five 'cause it may be more," she says. "We haven't shot the season finale or seen the script yet. So, yeah, you'll see, literally, five different young, 15-year-old girls... They're all based on the same idea, but they're all very, very different. People will definitely know the differences between them all."

Torresani admits that she hasn't seen Battlestar before, but she did after shooting the pilot.

"I wanted the first Cylon to be completely different than how Tricia Helfer portrayed it or Grace Park or any of the girls. I watched it and became completely obsessed. But yeah, I'm into Star Trek and stuff ... I'm more into Aliens, but yeah it's all fun!"

Source: Los Angeles Times
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