'Canterbury's Law' and Juliana Margulies' Return to Primetime Begins Tonight
'Canterbury's Law' and Juliana Margulies' Return to Primetime Begins Tonight
It's been eight long years since primetime television offered a weekly dose of Julianna Margulies' quietly strong brilliance and beauty.  When we last saw her on a regular basis, she was ending her stint on the groundbreaking medical drama, E.R., where she had played the complex character of Nurse Carol Hathaway for six seasons.

Beginning tonight, Margulies will once again grace our boob tubes as the titular lead in her own legal dramatic vehicle, Canterbury's Law, which commences its maiden run this evening.

Back in December, we reported that FOX's latest courtroom series, Canterbury's Law, was scheduled to premiere April 11.  Now bumped up a month ahead of its original scheduled take-off, Canterbury's Law unfolds tonight with its pilot episode, which goes on air at 8.

In tonight's debut, defiant, brash and selectively daring defense attorney, Elizabeth Canterbury (Margulies) is tasked with defending Ethan Foster, accused of murdering a child.  Elizabeth does whatever she deems necessary, going to incredulous lengths just to prove her client's innocence.  The tactics she employs in her pursuit of an acquittal earns her the ire of her associates at the firm, including her partner, Russell Krauss (Ben Shenkman), rookie Molly McConnell (Trieste Kelly Dunn) and the oozing-with-confidence Chester Grant (Keith Robinson).

Tonight's pilot of Canterbury's Law features guest performances by Ruben Santiago-Hudson as Judge Joe Stanley, Terry Kinney as Deputy Attorney General Zach Williams, Charlie Hofheimer as Ethan Foster, James McCaffrey as Frank Angstrom, Alison Bartlett as Helen Jasper, Boris McGiver as Scott Jasper, Del Pentecost as Detective George McKee, Edelen McWilliams as Juror Number Seven, Alex Cranmer as Claremont Cop, Thom Sesma as Dr. Bruce Hak, Debbi Fuhrman as Dance Instructor and Alicia Christian as Receptionist.

Canterbury's Law is executive produced by actor/producer/writer Denis Leary and Jim Serpico, the men behind the firefighting drama, Rescue Me, along with star Julianna Margulies.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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