Video: Take an Exclusive Look at This Week's 'Burn Notice'
Video: Take an Exclusive Look at This Week's 'Burn Notice'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Life has become very complicated on Burn Notice. Although Michael managed to get back into the good graces of the CIA, he simultaneously found himself suffering under Anson's blackmail threat. And the second-to-last episode of Burn Notice season 5, "Acceptable Loss," does not seem to lighten anyone's load. Our exclusive clip from this coming Thursday's episode shows just how complicated the spy life can be.

In the episode, Michael uses Pearce's help to get information on Anson, while Jesse (with the help of Sam and Fiona) tries to help a friend whose boss is dealing in diamonds under the cover of diplomatic immunity.

The following exclusive clip from the episode shows some of the action from "Acceptable Loss." Check out the video clip below:

Things are definitely looking fairly tense for our favorite do-gooder spies. While I can't say for sure what brought on this particular con, there are a few obvious points to note:

  • Fiona does not seem at all impressed with trailer-park man at the beginning of this clip. Is he the client or just someone they needed to talk to?
  • It's nice how you can always know immediately that a con is happening when the name "Chuck" is uttered.
  • That is a cool wine glass that Jesse drinks out of.
  • Ah, the looks of confusion and mild disgust when Felicia assumes that Sam and Fiona are shopping for a wedding ring...
  • When someone says "We're not here to rob you," it's more believable when she does not pull a gun at the same time.
  • Do Sam and Fiona carry around that kind of cash on a regular basis, or do they have it as part of the current mission?
  • Where is Michael while all this is going on?

Live-Tweeting During This Week's Burn Notice
Maybe Michael is on Twitter? Probably not, but that's exactly where the character's actor, Jeffrey Donovan, will be this Thursday while the episode airs.

If you have any burning questions about Burn Notice, the character of Michael Westen or about Jeffrey Donovan himself, this is your chance. Click on this link and you can log in to USA's Character Chatter and pose your question. During the east-coast airing of Burn Notice (at 10pm EST), Donovan will be online to answer at least some of those questions. Will yours be among them?

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The next episode of Burn Notice, "Acceptable Loss" will air on Thursday, December 8 at 10pm.

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