Spoiler Alert: 'Burn Notice' Spoilers
Spoiler Alert: 'Burn Notice' Spoilers
We're right in the middle of Burn Notice season 5, waiting for Michael and the gang to return in November. On the previous episode, "Dead to Rights", we saw Dead Larry come back after kidnapping the psychiatrist Anson. But the bigger problem is the victim, because Anson revealed a few secrets of his own: he's the man the gang's been looking for, and he's involved in Michael's past. 

We may just find out what Anson has in store for Michael once season 5 resumes. For now though, we have to content ourselves with these Burn Notice spoilers.

The biggest news we have for the show is the fact that a lot of great guest stars have lined up to appear. Zap2it reports that action film veterans Dean Cain, Eric Roberts and Kristanna Loken have been tapped to appear on the series.

Dean Cain will be playing the character Ryan Pewterbaugh, said to be "an All-American operative with a deep loyalty toward Michael Westen." And speaking of loyalty, Kristanna Loken booked the role of Rebecca Lang, a new CIA operative assigned to Michael's team. Think she can be trusted?

Meanwhile, Eric Roberts has taken on the role of a man who lives off information - and by that we mean he sells what he knows to the highest bidding foreign government. The country's certainly not going to like what he's doing.

Despite the exciting additions to Burn Notice, we'll have to wait a while. The three of them will only turn up on the show's December season finale. 

Before we get to that though, let's tackle the midseason opener. It's called "Damned If You Do", bringing the gang to Puerto Rico. Anson has sent them to steal software from this financial hacker, and once again their lives are put in danger. And we all know Michael's risking even more now. Check out the clip below:

According to USA Network's schedule, the following episodes are called "Breaking Point" and Necessary Evil." The official descriptions haven't been released yet, but from the titles alone, does anyone have a clue on what they might involve?

To make up for that tiny gap in Burn Notice spoilers, here's a promo for the rest of season 5:

That's it for this round of Burn Notice spoilers. Don't forget to catch the season 5 midseason premiere on November 3, Thursday at 10pm on USA Network.

(Image courtesy of USA Network)