Sharon Gless-Tyne Daly Reunion on 'Burn Notice'
Sharon Gless-Tyne Daly Reunion on 'Burn Notice'
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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Less than a week before Burn Notice returns for the second half of its third season on January 21, and while the premiere "A Dark Road" will be mighty exciting on the espionage side of things, there is another aspect to it that we are very excited about: the reunion of Sharon Gless, who plays Michael's (Jeffrey Donovan) chain-smoking mom on the show, and her Cagney and Lacey partner, Tyne Daly.

This seems to be payback time or returning the favor, since Gless has done Daly's show Judging Amy.

"We've been doing it a long time," Gless says in a conference call with reporters. "You know, so, yeah, we developed something on Cagney & Lacey. And I find it very easy and wonderful working with Tyne when she was with us. People got so - when we were in the makeup trailer we're sitting just chatting and laughing before we begin and that isn't sort of the tone of our makeup trailer so everybody was going boy I wish that we did that more."

According to reports, Tyne will play an intelligence asset on Burn Notice.

"She was just kind of a little, you know, a low-rate bureaucrat," she says. "She's protective of her position. And then she meets a woman who sort of offered her friendship and she's so knocked off her game that she gets conned."

Gless' character, meanwhile, Madeline, will be placed on an "unusual" situation with Daly. "They had me go undercover. They had to have me go undercover because they were busy. And - their characters were busy. So we sent (mom) in and the person that I went to deal with was Tyne Daly."

On "A Dark Road" Michael takes on a "violent" con man and later gets entangled with Columbian drug cartels and a black ops sociopath, all the while being forced to work for the very people who burned him.

Catch Burn Notice when it returns this Thursday on the USA Network.

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