'Burn Notice' Videos: The Gang Gets Stuck in Another Gang's War
'Burn Notice' Videos: The Gang Gets Stuck in Another Gang's War
After Michael and Fiona's trip to Puerto Rico last week, Burn Notice returns tonight with the episode "Breaking Point." It's another tough case for them as a war between gangs results in a gruesome murder. Worse, it's the murder of one of Michael's childhood friends.

Michael has to find a way to infiltrate the gangs and settle the dispute. Enter guest star Indigo, seen on the Showtime series Weeds and HBO's Treme. She'll be appearing tonight as the character Dolly, who might just be the ticket to discovering the killer's identity.

You can catch two clips from Burn Notice's latest episode, "Breaking Point", below. On the first video, Michael explains his newly received power to break into the CIA's system. Fiona warns him about its dangers, which basically stems from working for a psychotic and manipulative boss, Anson. Good thing she also has a plan to stop the guy, but will it work?

Meanwhile, this second clip begins with a car chase. Look like Fiona's tracker is in place and she's on Anson's trail. Sam's helping her out, but he seems very hesitant being her passenger. Sometimes you just don't know who's crazier: the target or the pursuer. Maybe both.

Will they ever catch up to Anson? And what would Fiona do if they ever get to confront him? Maybe we'll get answers to those questions tonight on Burn Notice even though there's another story up ahead.

On "Breaking Point", we'll also get to see Sam go undercover. His latest disguise is as a student in a college campus, which means he may just have to ditch his usual wardrobe for a more preppy look. Think he'll pass for a freshman?

Don't miss this installment of Burn Notice as it airs tonight at 10pm on USA Network. Next week, catch the episode "Necessary Evil".

(Image courtesy of USA Network)