[Video] 'Burn Notice' Sneak Peek: Michael Gets Help From His Friends
[Video] 'Burn Notice' Sneak Peek: Michael Gets Help From His Friends
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
On Burn Notice, Michael has put his friends through quite a bit over the last year. He endangered their lives, he made a deal with the CIA to guarantee their freedom, and now he's back and bringing them into his troubles all over again. In "Down Range," Sam and Jesse head down to the Dominican Republic to help Michael on his undercover mission.

With Dexter dead, Michael's cover with Burke is secure and he heads back to the Dominican Republic to continue his work with the terrorist. 

Burke proves that he's all about business. When a contractor he hired decides to ask for more money, Burke renegotiates their deal in a very final manner.

Check out the clip, "A Little Something."

With the contractor dead, Burke needs to find a new crew to pull off the truck heist. Michael knows just the men for the job: Sam and Jesse. In the below clip, "All Work, No Play," Sam approaches Jesse about helping out Michael.

Jesse has his own job now and can't ditch it at the last minute to head down to the Dominican Republic ... or can he?

After arriving in the Dominican Republic, Sam and Jesse join Michael and Burke to scout out the mission. They work out all the details including what will happen if the heist goes bad. Will Sam follow through on the plan if it comes to that? 

Check out what's at risk in the clip, "Scouting & Planning."

Michael's gotten himself into a sticky and dangerous situation. Was he right to bring his friends into this mess? Or, was he selfish to risk their lives?

Burn Notice airs Thursdays at 9 pm ET on USA.

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