'Burn Notice' Season Premiere Recap: Madeline Puts Michael in Danger
'Burn Notice' Season Premiere Recap: Madeline Puts Michael in Danger
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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As season 6 came to a close, Michael made an unknown deal with the CIA in order to save his friends and family. In tonight's 7th season opener, "New Deal", nine months have passed and Michael is working a deep cover mission with the CIA, while the people he loves are moving forward with their lives. Read on to find out what the Burn Notice writers have in store for us to kick off the show's final season.

A Dark Start

As the episode opens, Michael is undercover in the Dominican Republic, trying to get close to a terrorist named Randall Burke. Michael is posing as a darker version of himself, one with a heavy-drinking problem and no prospects. Michael has a past with Burke and their history plus Michael's down-on-his-luck cover peak Burke's interest. Burke approaches Michael with a potential job, but needs Michael to prove himself first.

In flashbacks, we learn what fans already expected -- that Michael made a deal in order to protect his friends from spending the rest of their lives in a small, dark hole courtesy of the CIA. The man who offered Michael this deal is his new handler, Andrew Strong. Strong chose Michael for this mission because of Michael's history with Burke, as well as Michael's reputation for getting things done. But the Michael who spent the past few years in Miami is not the same man from his pre-burned days and Strong needs him to become that guy again in order to complete this mission.


Back in Miami, Sam is living a life of luxury and planning Elsa's birthday party when a man comes around looking for Michael. This man tells Sam that Michael is in the Dominican Republic and leads him to believe that Michael is in danger. When Sam talks to Jesse and learns the same man questioned him about information on Michael, they realize something is wrong.

Sam and Jesse call Fi for help but she is hesitant to lend a hand since she has not spoken to Michael since he disappeared and she is building a new life with a new man. Sam and Jesse ask Fi to look in on Madeline while they deal with the Michael situation and she agrees.

Maddy has trouble of her own, as she is fighting for custody of Nate's son, Charlie. Nate's wife is in rehab and in no position to care for Charlie so Maddy wants to take him in. The same man who approached Jesse and Sam gets close to Maddy by posing as someone overseeing the custody case and she unknowingly reveals that Michael is working with the CIA.

Will Michael's friends help salvage his cover? Will they be able to trust Michael again once he explains his reasons for going back to the CIA? And while Fi's new man is easy on the eyes, is he any match for the connection she shares with Michael?

A Very Different Michael Westen

In order to gain Burke's trust, Michael agrees to break into a security firm and set off an explosion. Burke sends one of his men with Michael and the two successfully bomb the security firm. But before they can rendezvous with Burke, Burke's man gets a call from his contact in Miami -- the man Maddy talked to -- and learns that Michael is still working with the CIA. With his cover blown, Michael arranges for Burke's man to be killed and Burke appears to be none the wiser.

Burke is leaving the Dominican Republic for a few days, giving Michael and his handler a small window to head back to Miami and clear up the issues with Michael's cover. Since Michael cannot contact his friends to tell them he is coming home, their reunions should be interesting.

Michael's time in deep cover has hardened him and he is almost unrecognizable during this first episode. Though change can be good, I am not a fan of dark-Michael and I hope his trip to Miami brings back some of the old Mike. I also hope Michael starts questioning Strong, as that guy almost certainly has an ulterior motive in sending Michael after Burke.

What did you think of the Burn Notice season premiere? Was it a good start to the show's final season? Do you like this darker version of Michael? Who is the man who got Maddy to blow Michael's cover and what is his connection to Burke? Are you excited about next week's 100th episode? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.

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