'Burn Notice' Review: Meet the New Woman in Michael's Life
'Burn Notice' Review: Meet the New Woman in Michael's Life
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Burn Notice may be a fun and action-packed procedural, but it's the longer stories that keep fans hooked. The show's fifth season started off by seemingly resolving all of those issues as Michael teamed up with the CIA once again and took down the people who burned him.

But with last week's shocking ending as his CIA contact, Max, was killed, with Michael framed for the murder, the mystery isn't over yet. This week's episode, "Square One," lives up to its name by giving the show a fresh start and a new mystery. Michael and his team covered up all evidence of the murder and now seek to figure out who killed Max and why they framed Michael, and perhaps it's connected to the people who burned him in the first place.

The episode is a great way to start a new chapter on Burn Notice, and it also introduces some new characters. Burn Notice was always landed some great guest stars to fill out Michael's on-going drama, and with former Grey's Anatomy star Lauren Stamile and Friday Night Lights' Matt Lauria, the show has some new blood.

"A Very Determined Bitch"

Stamile plays Agent Pierce, who takes over as Michael's CIA contact and also heads the investigation into Max's murder. She might look playful and fun, but she compares herself to her pet bulldog as "a very determined bitch." On Grey's Anatomy she was a big downer as the overly serious Nurse Rose, but here she's surprising and very entertaining. In the face of Michael and Fiona's deadly seriousness, Stamile's character is a formidable but fun ball of energy, and I'm looking forward to seeing her interact with Bruce Campbell's Sam Axe.

A Younger Version of Michael

The episode's second big guest star is Matt Lauria from Friday Night Lights and The Chicago Code. He may just be the client of the week, but he's also a former soldier who the CIA tried to recruit, just like Michael. He's solid, and getting to see Michael and the rest of the gang watch a young kid learning to move from soldier to spy is enjoyable. There's always the potential for a client of the week to become a recurring character on Burn Notice, and I hope that's what happens to Lauria, especially since he doesn't have a show.

The New Mystery

While the CIA is investigating the death of Max, Michael and his team do their own investigation, and the episode ends with an extremely confusing new lead that sets up the big arc for season 5. Michael has seen a lot of things in his life as both a spy and a burned spy, but the clue that he gets at the end of the episode leaves him speechless.

Burn Notice airs Thursdays at 9pm on USA.

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