'Burn Notice': The Scorcher Has Returned
'Burn Notice': The Scorcher Has Returned
Lynn DeVries
Lynn DeVries
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Michael Westen is in trouble again. What else is new?

Well, another season of Burn Notice is new. But Michael Westen's problems are just the same. Last season, we found out that the mysterious group Management is behind Michael Westen's (Jeffrey Donovan) banishment from the CIA and therefore trapping him in Miami. But in Thursday's Season 4 opener "Friends and Enemies," we find out that another super organization that's in charge of Management are really the ones behind Michael's burn notice. They were also the group who kidnapped Michael at the end of last season.

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Eventually, Michael and Vaughn, presumably the leader of this new group, partner up to deal with Simon, the psycho ex-operative who wants to destroy Management, and Simon's connection with an international war of profits. This seems like a turning point for Michael's character as he begins to turn even more bitter about his burn notice. But there's the chance that Michael could get his old job back, cancelling the burn notice. Isn't that what Michael wants after all?

And while the major plot was compelling enough, the minor plot in Thursday's episode was more interesting, more intense and had more action than the main story. But that's always the case when Michael joins his friends Fiona Glenanne and Same Axe.

In the subplot, Michael helps ex-girlfriend Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) and right-hand man Sam (Bruce Campbell), both former spies, on a job. They help protect Winston, a lawyer who tries to get a motorcycle of the harassing ex-boyfriend of one of Winston's clients impounded. Little do they know that the ex-boyfriend, Hunter, is an enforcer for the biggest outlaw biker gang in Miami. The whole gang tries to kill Winston, but they fail, thanks to Michael's wit and conniving plan.

Michael's mother Madeline Westen (Sharon Gless) returns to fill out the main cast. She's still a neurotic, chain-smoking, smart-talking woman of a certain age who's usually left in the dark about her son's life. But at the end of the episode she gets a deeper peep into Michael's secret life as he finally opens up to Madeline about what's going on. Sort of.

As with previous seasons, you can also expect Burn Notice to be funny, use a lot of explosives, feature a bevy of action scenes and keep it sexy. And what's Burn Notice without a great cliffhanger? At the end of this episode, Michael tries to find out more info on who helped Simon escape by hacking into FBI files. By doing so Michael accidentally gets a federal agent burned. Awesome.

The next episode of Burn Notice premieres Thursday at 9pm EST.

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