'Burn Notice' Recap: Michael Takes One Life and Saves Another
'Burn Notice' Recap: Michael Takes One Life and Saves Another
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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In last week's episode, one of James' men put Fi's life in danger, so James killed him while Michael stood by and did nothing. In tonight's episode, "Things Unseen", Michael is tasked with taking out a former colleague, then risks his life to save Fi's boyfriend. Read on to find out what the Burn Notice writers have in store for us this week.

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Michael Crosses Another Line

As Michael is preparing for another mission with James' organization, Fi confronts him about the execution. Michael has been avoiding his friends ever since and Fi wants him to explain his inaction. Michael claims he could not stop James because it would have blown his cover, but Fi believes this happened because Michael has gotten too close to James and Sonya. Though we know Fi is right, Michael is convinced he can handle it and tells Fi not to worry about him.

With that death still hanging over his head, Michael leaves for an unknown mission. Once he hooks up with Sonya, she tells him that someone from his past is asking too many questions about the organization and he needs to be dealt with. Michael is understandably hesitant about this mission, but Strong tells Michael that he has to do whatever it takes to maintain his cover, even if it means helping Sonya kill this man. Michael and Sonya's first attempt to take this man out does not go smoothly, as per usual.

When their original plan fails, Michael has no choice but to carry out the kill order himself. Michael lures his buddy out of the safety of his home and shoots him dead. Sonya tells Michael that his actions have impressed James and James wants to meet with them next week. She also tells Michael that he is part of this now and James has big plans for him.

If we were not already convinced that Michael has gotten in too deep, his actions here are impossible to deny. How will Michael deal with his guilt over killing his friend? And while Michael may eventually take down James' organization, will there be anything left for him when the mission is over? How can Michael go back to his old life after everything that has happened?

Fi Loses Carlos

While Michael deals with organization business, Fi deals with issues in her personal life. Carlos has to go back to his old neighborhood after some dangerous men threaten his mother. Fi accompanies Carlos and things escalate quickly. Someone Carlos helped put away years ago -- a man named Nando -- now has a bounty on Carlos' head. Carlos learns this the hard way, when some neighborhood thugs decide to cash in on said bounty. Fi manages to save the day, but the situation is far from handled.

Carlos tries to find a way out of this situation by getting Nando charged with murder, but he is betrayed and winds up as Nando's hostage. In order to save Carlos, Fi has to call in Michael for help. Michael asks Sonya's people for a favor and they come through. Carlos is saved, but when he learns that several people were killed in order to free him, Carlos ends things with Fi. Fi is devastated, but I am just happy Carlos did not turn out to be evil.

What did you think of tonight's episode? Are you sad to see Carlos go and do you think we've seen the last of him? Did Michael surprise you by going through with the kill mission? Do you think this mission was another one of James' tests or was Michael's friend just getting too close? And will Michael ever really gain James' trust? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.

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