'Burn Notice' Recap: Michael Betrays the CIA
'Burn Notice' Recap: Michael Betrays the CIA
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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In last week's episode, Michael was forced to kill an innocent in order to maintain his cover with James and Carlos said goodbye to Fi after realizing that she was still tangled up in Michael's world. In tonight's episode, "Tipping Point", Michael takes on another mission for James that brings him face-to-face with an old enemy and causes him to question everything he believes in. Read on to find out what the Burn Notice writers have in store for us this week.

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Strong Drops the Ball Again

As the episode begins, Michael and Sonya get together to prepare for their mission and to have a little alone-time. Alas, Michael is only using said alone-time to steal intel from Sonya so Strong and the CIA can finally get one step ahead of James. They plan to use this information to take James down, but Michael's growing attachment to Sonya makes him feel guilty for betraying her trust.

Strong is delighted at the opportunity to get to James before James sees them coming, but in his excitement, he fails to see all of the possible flaws in his plan. Michael and his team try to get Strong to hold-off on the mission, but Strong refuses to let this chance slip by. Though Sam and Jesse go along to back Michael up, they are not impressed that Strong hired freelancers to serve as the extraction team. The boys are right to be worried, as James out-wits Strong's team and escapes the original trap.

Michael Loses His Faith

When James decides they should split up, Michael heads off with a few of James' men, the freelance Alpha team in pursuit. Once James' men are taken down, Michael gets quite the shock when his former enemy, Simon, turns out to be the leader of the Alpha team. Simon tells Michael that the CIA pulled him out of the hole Michael put him in years ago and he has been working for them, albeit off-the-books, ever since. Michael is furious, but seemingly needs Simon to finish the mission.

Yet when Simon steps out of line, the men go head-to-head and Michael kills Simon. Learning that the CIA would make a deal with someone like Simon messes with Michael's head and he decides to side with James over the agency. Michael helps James and Sonya escape, thus landing in hot water with Strong.

Things take a turn for the worse when Michael, James and Sonya make it to the safe-house. James pulls a gun on Sonya because he believes that Sonya has betrayed him, as she was the only other person who knew where they were headed. To keep James from killing Sonya, Michael blows his own cover and reveals that he is working with the CIA.

But Michael's earlier actions -- in protecting James from the CIA -- confuse James and he questions why Michael did not turn him over to the agency when he had the chance. In a heartbreaking moment, Michael says that he has given up everything for the CIA because he believed they were always in the right. But now that he knows they would work with someone like Simon, he feels like his whole life has all been a lie. James is intrigued by Michael's answer and tells Sonya that they are not done with Michael yet.

Could Michael's Actions Spell Doom for His Loved Ones?

While Michael and the boys are in the field, Fi is asked to look after Madeline and Charlie. James has his men following Madeline around-the-clock, and Michael is worried that if James discovers his betrayal, he will go after Michael's family. But protecting Maddy and Charlie becomes difficult when James' men force their way into Madeline's home. After a lot of back-and-forth, Fi learns that Michael is still with James and backs off, so as to not reveal that Michael is working with the CIA.

Though not much happens with Fi and Maddy this week, now that Michael has revealed himself to James, his friends and family could be put in serious danger. Will James target the people Michael loves or will Strong go after them because Michael has betrayed the CIA?

Is Michael a Monster?

Michael's disillusionment with the agency he has dedicated his life to is the result of learning that Strong would hire someone like Simon. Yet when Sam confronts Strong about that exact thing, Strong asks Sam if Michael is really that different from Simon. In Strong's eyes, both Simon and Michael have done horrible things and could be considered monsters. But like Sam, I imagine most viewers do not see things that way.

While Michael has certainly done some terrible things in service of the mission -- this season has been particularly bad, in that regard -- his heart is always in the right place. Michael's motivation for everything he does is his love for his country and his need to protect the people he cares about. Even after the CIA burned him, Michael stayed loyal to the agency and he did so at quite the cost to his personal life. Though some of his actions are hard to justify, I think there is a clear line between Michael and someone like Simon. But with everything Michael has done, what kind of future can he have? Is there anything left for him but death or a miserable life working for people he cannot trust?

What did you think of tonight's episode? Were you excited to see Simon again? Are you glad Michael finally killed him? Are you surprised Michael turned his back on the agency or has this day been coming for a while? Do you think Michael's friends and family can pull him back from the edge or will his life come to an unhappy end? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.

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