'Burn Notice' Recap: Has Michael Gotten In Too Deep?
'Burn Notice' Recap: Has Michael Gotten In Too Deep?
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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Last week, Michael's return to Miami brought about some tense reunions but his mission to keep Dexter from blowing his cover was a success. In tonight's episode, "Down Range", Michael is back in the Dominican Republic and has to call in Jesse and Sam for help on a job. We are only three episodes into season 7 but things are already getting complicated. Read on to find out what the Burn Notice writers have in store for us this week.

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A Little Something Extra

Michael's face is all over the news in the Dominican Republic, thanks to the building he and Burke's guy blew up in the season premiere. But after a good beard-shaving, Michael is apparently safe to get back in the game. Just in time, since Burke has a new job for him. And when Burke's contact falls through -- because Burke kills him after he asks for more money -- Michael offers to bring in his own guys to help with the job.

Michael gets Strong to agree to let Jesse and Sam in on the op by explaining that he has to be familiar with the men who back him up so they do not blow his cover with Burke. Jesse and Sam come to Michael's aid but are not happy that Burke is calling the shots. Michael explains that he has to stay close to Burke as part of his deal with Strong. If Michael cannot deliver Burke on a silver platter, they will all spend the rest of their lives locked up in a CIA holding facility.

Burke Has a Boss

Burke asks Michael and his friends to steal a truck from the same company whose building Michael just blew up. Burke plans to sell the truck to a man named Serano -- someone Strong says is a known terrorist -- but it turns out to be a set-up so Burke can kidnap Serano for the people he works for. As Sam and Jesse listen in on the conversation, they ask Strong about Burke's bosses but Strong claims they thought Burke was the man in charge.

Michael has a close call when Burke calls in a helicopter for pick-up and Burke's men spot snipers all over the supposedly secure location. Burke suspects Michael of bringing in the snipers but Michael is able to turn that suspicion onto Serano, thanks to a little help from Sam. Michael has once again proven his loyalty to Burke but tells Burke that he wants answers. Burke says he is not in a position to give Michael those answers but that all will be revealed in time.

The Adventures of Fi and Maddy

While the guys are helping Michael in the Dominican Republic, Madeline is approached by Nate's former bookie because Nate has a lingering gambling debt and Nate's ex is no longer keeping up with the payments. The bookie, Leo, threatens to hurt Charlie if Madeline does not come up with the money. Madeline calls Fi, hoping she will watch Charlie while Madeline goes out of town to gather the money, but Fi has another idea. Fi says that they need to deal with this bookie instead of paying him or else every low-life Nate owed money to will come after Madeline.

Fi lets Madeline help with the plan to bring down Leo. Fi's plan requires Madeline to give Leo some of the money so they can follow him and steal it back, thus getting Leo into trouble with his mafia contacts. This storyline gives us some excellent scenes between Fi and Madeline, including one in which Fi teaches Maddy how to set explosives and Madeline turns out to be a natural.

In a moment that proves Michael gets his swagger from his mama, Madeline tells Leo that she is the one who stole his money and she also acquired his client-list. Maddy explains that she will be keeping the money she stole from him and that if he comes near her family again, she will deliver his client-list to the police and his friends in the mafia. In other words, Leo learns that you don't mess with a Westen.

What did you think of tonight's episode? Did you like seeing Maddy get involved in the action? Do you think she and Fi make a good team? What do you think Burke is really up to and who does he work for? And do you think Strong was telling the truth when he said he did not know Burke is working for someone else? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.

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