'Burn Notice' Recap: Burke Saves Michael's Life
'Burn Notice' Recap: Burke Saves Michael's Life
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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Last week, Burke used Michael's team to take a man named Serano hostage and Michael learned that Burke is not working alone. In tonight's episode, "Brothers in Arms", Michael drags Jesse and Sam into another one of Burke's jobs in order to maintain his cover. Read on to find out what the Burn Notice writers have in store for us this week.

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A Wanted Woman

Burke has Michael threaten Serano's daughter to coax Serano into giving them the location of a woman Burke is looking for. Serano gives up her location -- a Russian black-site in Cuba -- then takes his own life so the Russians will not use his family to hurt him. Serano's suicide ties up some loose ends and also lets us know how dangerous the Russians are. Will Michael and his team survive their encounter with the Russians?

Burke wants Michael, Sam and Jesse to help him break into the secret prison where this woman -- Sonya -- is being held. Michael and his team come up with a plan to get Michael inside the prison and close to Sonya. Michael goes to the Russians under the false pretense of warning them about an upcoming CIA raid. Michael claims that a Russian spy betrayed his people and gave up the location of the secret prison. This is where Fi comes in.

The Dream Team Lives On

In a follow-up to last week's episode, Fi and Madeline team up once again, this time to help Michael with his mission. They kidnap Ivan, a corrupt Russian spy Jesse has knowledge of. They make it look like Ivan betrayed the Russians and that he was working with another agent in Cuba. Fi uses Ivan's bank account to set up one of the men at the secret prison as a traitor who was getting pay-offs from Ivan.

Though Fi and Maddy burn Ivan as a spy, they also give him and his girlfriend new identities so they can start over somewhere else. When Ivan asks why they are helping him escape, Madeline says they want to believe that a spy can get a fresh start. Will Michael get his own fresh start once this business with Strong and Burke's organization is over? And if so, will Fi give him another chance?

Bye-Bye Burke

The Russian leader -- Vladimir -- finally buys into Michael's ruse but calls in reinforcements, making it harder for Michael to escape with Sonya. Burke comes up with a plan to get everyone out alive but it requires Burke to sacrifice his life. Burke's death via explosion gives Michael's team enough time to escape with Sonya.

Though Burke saves Sonya and Michael from the Russians, his selflessness in this one situation is not enough to make him one of the good guys. But will his death have any major impact in the future? Will Michael's deal with the CIA fall apart now that Burke is dead? And how does Burke's organization connect back to Michael?

Who is Sonya?

Once they are safe, Sam asks Michael who Sonya is and why Burke -- someone seemingly dedicated to self-preservation -- gave his life to save her. All Burke told Michael is that Sonya is the key to everything. We also learn that Sonya is good at getaways, as she knocks Jesse out and escapes while Michael and Sam head to the marina to check on their ride home.

With Burke dead, Sonya is the only connection they have to Burke's organization. Can Michael find Sonya before it is too late?

What did you think of tonight's episode? Were you surprised by Burke's death? Do you think Michael is taking too many risks with this mission? Did Strong send Michael after Burke under CIA orders or does the CIA have no idea what Strong is up to? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.

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