'Burn Notice' Recap: Best of 'Eye For An Eye'
'Burn Notice' Recap: Best of 'Eye For An Eye'
Tonight on Burn Notice, the dream team splits up again into two separate teams like last week. Michael and Sam (who was missed last week) look for the man who framed him and they end up in Tallahassee to a home of a war criminal with a bomb-making fetish. Meanwhile, Fiona helps Jesse's latest job of protecting a pharmaceutical inventor, Forte, but he is suspiciously evil so it turns into Fiona and Jesse vs. evildoer's security team.

Top Five Moments:

5. Break the Cycle: Burn Notice is pretty formulaic: Michael, Fi, Sam and a roped Jesse use mind games and CIA trained manipulation to always win and without little setbacks for the case-of-the-week and Michael works toward the end game of the season when he's not busy saving people from insurance scammers and mafia trafficking. This week was like last and different--in a good way. There were complications, especially without the save-the-day-ideas, and that refreshed the show.

4. Where's Maddy? Sharon Glass was absent from this episode. Usually, this would upset me, but it has been frustrating that here is a woman with little training (none, really) put in these intense, life-or-death situations. It became a little contrived that she helped Michael and the crew every episode. I missed Maddy, but I didn't miss her in the action; besides, she probably needed a break from all that chain-smoking.

3. Set Fire to the Third Cars: One of the reasons I personally enjoy Burn Notice so much is that they blow stuff up. All the time. Blowing up those three cars in the parking garage was typical Michael, as was the diversion on the bridge. An earlier season touched on this, but is Michael ever going to get caught for blowing all this stuff? These are public places. I think it would be a great way to propel into the next half of the season if Michael is thought of a terrorist/traitor if the CIA finally clues in on Max's death.

2. Michael's Imagination: For as stoic as Michael usually is, it's always a pleasure to see what crazy characters he can pull out from his imagination. Really, it shows the strength of Jeffrey Donovan as an actor, but regardless it could be telling for Michael as a character. To intersect the group again, Jesse and Fi bring in Michael, acting as a psychopath seeking vengeance on Forte and his drug because it caused his mother's death. It's amusing at least.

1. Cliffhanger: The guy who hired the bomb-maker shows up (of course) to kill the bomb-maker. Why he didn't do that before Michael and Sam showed up baffles me (no it doesn't--it's TV), but the Romanian war dude is dying and about to whisper the last few words of wisdom for Michael. But that's for next week.

Michael helps Jesse with a security job, but it gets real complicated when the bad guys take hostages. Sharon Glass is back next week and she resumes her badass title when she tries to lead a bunch of hostages to safety.

Emily E. Steck
Contributing Writer

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