'Burn Notice' Finale Recap: Best of 'Dead to Rights'
'Burn Notice' Finale Recap: Best of 'Dead to Rights'
On tonight's season finale of Burn Notice, the man who killed Max kills himself before the opening credits and they pretend it is all mysterious and troublesome. But really, they just wanted to bring back "Dead" Larry.

Top Five Moments:

5. Raised Stakes: Finally, there are some consequences to these risky stakes; this really needs to happen more on Burn Notice. Little by little, but we will take what we will get. The victims suffered--severally actually died at their expense (the wife and the security guard). You know what would have been amazing though? If the man held hostage was working with Larry all along. Oh wait... that HAPPENED. Called it!

4. Ghosts of Bad Guys Past: Unsurprisingly, it annoyed me when the man our heroes have been chasing all ups and kills himself. How convenient and contrived. But this was a necessary evil in order to get old friend/new enemy "Dead" Larry--Unfriendly Ghost--back on the show. Seriously, this guy was needed to snark at these careless idiots.

3. Video Cameras: There have been many times on Burn Notice when I have had to suspend belief. Certain situations, cases of the week, some character flaws, whatever--no show is perfect. But it is pretty difficult for me to suspend the belief that Sam and Fi didn't think to look at security cameras. I get the time restraints, but Larry was on the ball for toying with them because of this.

2. Character Depth: The entire design of Larry now makes sense: not only is he a foil for Michael, but he is a version of Michael. Michael apparently covered up a massacre with Larry while on the job. I am happy to learn in this episode that Michael is more messed up than we thought and Fi is more sympathetic than we thought. Michael is darker and Fi is as dark as we all thought, but not as callous about it. Sam and Jesse were barely in it though, so hopefully they will get chances next half. Also, kudos to Maddy for calling Michael on his crap.

1. BACKSTORY: Maddy, Michael's mom, convinced the people behind the burned spies organization to enlist Michael. What? There is a lot of backstory given in like, four minutes, but that is the most of it. The bad guy (name?) was there in the beginning of the organization and is the last key (for now) for Michael. Obviously, this needs to be wrapped up and it was rushed, but hopefully it will refresh the second half of the season.

That was the season finale of Burn Notice. New episodes return on November 3 with the gang now covering up something Fi actually did and toying with the new bad guy's ridiculous requests.

Emily E. Steck
Contributing Writer

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