Burn Notice: Preview of Season 3 Premiere "Friends and Family"
Burn Notice: Preview of Season 3 Premiere "Friends and Family"
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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USA Network's prized spy dramedy Burn Notice is set to return for its third season tonight with "Family and Friends."  The Jeffrey Donovan-led series was picked up with a 16-episode order early October last year.  The third season will feature the return of the show's cast, including Donovan as burned former spy Michael Westen, his action-obsessed ex Fiona Glenanne (Gabrielle Anwar) and his old war buddy Sam Axe (Bruce Campbell).

On the third season premiere, Michael is bailed out of jail by an old friend who asks something in return.

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Previously, Burn Notice creator Matt Nix had said that the third season of the series will focus on the past of all three main characters Michael, Fiona, and Sam.  Several guest appearances have also been announced, most notably Ben Shenkman who is due to join the cast for a four-episode arc as "smooth-talking, gregarious freelance spy broker" Tom Strickler. Shenkman, 40, is perhaps best known for his role as gay Jew Louis Ironson on the HBO adaptation of Angels in America.

Other guest stars lined up include Moon Bloodgood, who will appear as police detective Michelle Paxton who investigates Michael.  Michael Weston, yes, an actor with a name eerily close to our main guy's, has also confirmed dropping by Burn Notice for an episode to play delusional MIT graduate who needs Michael to protect him from what he thinks are aliens who plan to sell the names of undercover spies.

The ending of the show's sophomore season easily fueled speculations as to how season 3 would shape up, especially now that the people behind Michael's burn notice have been revealed and pulled out.  At the start of the third season, Michael sets out to get his job back, especially after the "Management" behind the burn notice have put Westin back on the grid and it's easy for friends and enemies to find him.

- Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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