'Burn Notice' Preview Clips: Michael's Daring Rescue Mission and More
'Burn Notice' Preview Clips: Michael's Daring Rescue Mission and More
A young boy's life may be in danger tonight on Burn Notice, but let's put that off for later. First, we'd all like to remind you of something that could just change your life a little. It's the last day to enter our Prize Pack giveaway!

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Now, let's get back to our preview of tonight's episode, called "Besieged."

Michael and Sam are tasked to save an ailing boy trapped in a weapons compound. Worse, he was brought there by his own father. The gang needs a plan to save him, but they have to put their lives in danger. Again.

Here's the teaser for "Besieged," in which firepower meets even more firepower.

While these two are busy facing explosions, Fiona and Jesse are on the trail of a day laborer who might know something about Max. Will their questions be answered at last, or are they following the wrong guy?

You can find more clips of "Besieged" below. On the first one, Fiona and Sam help out a man (and his dog) whose life is threatened by a gang.

The next video has Michael and Fiona interrogating Jacob and hoping to find his boss. 

Finally, this last clip shows Sam and Michael stuck in a difficult confrontation: speaking to family. It might not be such a big deal to the rest of us, but we're all pretty sure it's tougher when there are guns involved.

Don't forget, "Besieged" airs tonight at 9pm on USA. And here's your last chance to join our Burn Notice Prize Package Giveaway. Get those questions right and prove just how much you know (and love) Michael Westen. 

(Image courtesy of USA)