'Bull' Winter Premiere Recap: Can Dr. Bull and the Team Save a Stockholm Survivor?
'Bull' Winter Premiere Recap: Can Dr. Bull and the Team Save a Stockholm Survivor?
Sarah Luoma
Sarah Luoma
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Their latest case is heartbreaking and frustrating, but the Bull team thinks outside the box to give a Stockholm survivor another shot at life. Bull also proves he always has a Plan B when things don't go his way. It is a rarity when the team doesn't pull out a win on their first attempt. Watching them fall but get back up stronger in this episode is refreshing!

The Latest Case

After a few weeks of cases that ranged from a young girl trying to divorce her father to a teacher being accused of changing answers on a standardized test, Bull returns with a more serious case, this time involving a young girl who meets a much older man online. Yes, an all-too-familiar storyline, but this time it comes with an unexpected ending.

After spending 18 months with her captor, Jemma refuses to turn against him in court. Bull knows the signs of Stockholm Syndrome all too well. She did what she had to do to survive, putting her feelings for him in a box falsely marked love. Because of her feelings for Ryan, Bull is having a hard time proving that Jemma was actually held against her will and didn't want to commit armed robbery, a scheme plotted by Ryan that ultimately led to his and Jemma's capture.

Like only Bull can do, he works tirelessly to break Jemma down, to get her to see her feelings for what they really are while trying to get her to take the stand against her captor. When she makes bail and then attempts to go and see Ryan in prison, Bull shows her some serious tough love. He talks her mother into revoking the bail so that her daughter would be thrown back into jail. It's the only option they have to prevent Jemma from ruining her own chances in court.

The Unsympathetic Jury

Typically, clients are willing to help themselves, but in this case Jemma won't, causing Bull to seek a deal after her refusal and a tough jury that doesn't look like they plan on changing their minds about Jemma's innocence. The problem is that Jemma won't go against Ryan in court. The ADA turns on them and strikes a deal with Ryan instead.

Jemma doesn't deny anything either as Ryan takes the stand and spins a very believable story of his and Jemma's mutual and consensual relationship. He tells the jury she was the one who came up with the plan to rob the jewelry store. It looks like they may lose this case if they don't get through to Jemma.

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Outside the Box

Something Benny says gives Bull a great idea. They need to pull Jemma out of her hole of shame and fear. They need to find all of her old friends and the people in her life before she was kidnapped. Chunk, Danny and Cable round up Jemma's former best friend and more, asking them to come to court to show Jemma that she has people in her life who love her.

Plan B

Arriving at court to see all of those that love her, Jemma finally decides to try and save herself by taking the stand and describing her horrifying ordeal. There is one jury member who isn't buying any of it. It looks as though Bull and his team will finally see a mistrial, but Bull always thinks ahead and discusses the situation with the ADA. It seems Jemma's compelling testimony made him realize that she deserves her old life back while reinforcing that his duty is to serve the victim. He dismisses the case against Jemma.

Headed Home

After winning her freedom, Jemma heads home. Her mother is thrilled and wants to cook her something. Jemma is tired. She just wants to sleep in her own bed. After her mother closes her door, Jemma hits the power button on her laptop.

In the second half of season 2, will we learn more about Marissa's finances and the fate of her former lover turned con-man? And what about her and Bull? Will they finally acknowledge that there are more than just "friendly feelings" between them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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