'Bull' Winter Finale Recap: Is Dr. Bull Father Material?
'Bull' Winter Finale Recap: Is Dr. Bull Father Material?
Sundi Rose
Sundi Rose
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Dr. Bull gets an unusual request from a young client, but things take an unexpected turn when they wind up in court together. In the season 2 winter finale, Bull paints the doctor in a new light when he gets awarded guardianship of a precocious 9-year-old. "Home for the Holidays" gives us a look at Bull's sentimental side, and I'll admit, it's kind of endearing.

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The Crime

While there aren't any actual laws being broken, there are some definitely questionable parental decisions being made. Charlie is a 9-year-old girl who has terrible, absent parents, and she is pretty much all alone all the time. We first meet her as she tries to board a plane, all by herself, to London but is detained by security. Her nanny turns up to pick her up, and the next time we see her, she's sitting in Bull's office.

Charlie asks Bull to help her divorce her parents, and she's quite vague about the whole matter. Without asking many questions, Bull corrects her use of the word "divorce," suggesting she means "emancipated" instead. She agrees, and he quickly pawns her off on Marissa for disposal. No one comes for the girl, so Bull is forced to drive her home, where he tries to deposit her in a super swanky, although cavernous, luxury apartment. It's apparent that no one is home, so Bull waits around, until 2:30 in the morning, for her dad. Because this is Bull, he gives the dad a proper dressing down for his neglectful ways and dumps all the righteous indignation he can handle.

Bull to the Rescue

Bull and Benny are at the courthouse trying to sort out the completely irrelevant tech case we don't care about when he wanders over to family court. He chats up the judge -- as a "mandated reporter," naturally -- who outlines Charlie's situation and wonders if there is anything to worry about. Of course, there is, and the judge promises to open a case, but he also appoints Bull as the guardian ad litem, a person meant to look out for the child's best interests during the course of the case.

They've been assigned Judge Sullivan, and he's known as a fierce protector of children. Charlie's dad is some big-shot executive, but her mother passed away from breast cancer three years ago. This is particularly sad since Charlie thinks she just "went away" a while ago. Charlie has already been removed from her home and has been assigned a lawyer, and Bull is regretting he ever got involved.

The Complications

His doubts about tattling to the judge start to wane, however, when Charlie's dad can't answer any of the questions the attorney asks. He doesn't know her best friend's name, what she wants to be when she grows up or what her favorite book is. She sits in the gallery, nonplussed, knowing he wouldn't be able to answer any of the questions. Bull uses the threat of the naughty list to try and persuade her to talk with him, but she's resolute. She's a tough little cookie.

She's also a lot of trouble, at least according to the nanny. She shows up to Bull's office crying and stressed about how much more she's having to take on. She was hired for after school and a few nights a week, and this new situation has Charlie living with her full-time and interfering with the completion of her term paper. It falls on Bull to pick up the slack that the nanny left, and he's not doing great trying to juggle the tech case and his new Charlie-related responsibilities. Bull is beginning to see that raising a kid might not be as easy as he thought.

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The Result

Bull gets to Charlie's school late, but he arrives in time to see Charlie and her dad leaving school. She called her dad when the nanny didn't show, and Bull thinks it's time to end the whole thing. In the cab ride to see the judge, Charlie and her dad have a sweet moment and Bull decides right there that he should be with them instead of the douchey corporate clients in the tech case. Of course, they fire Bull and the TAC team, but he's so caught up in the spirit of the holiday that he doesn't care about the money he just lost.

Bull sends the team on their merry way, forbidding them from coming back before the new year. He's a brand-new man after his brief stint in fatherhood. In fact, he poses as Santa Claus and visits Charlie and her dad in an attempt to keep the Christmas spirit alive. It's pretty cheesy, but you can't help but find it a little adorable.

The Marissa Situation

Now that Marissa's shady boyfriend is completely out of the picture, so is her money and her credit limit. She is dead broke and can't even pay the rent. Benny overhears her desperation on the phone and insists tat she enlist Cable and Danny in the search for "Kyle."

Kyle is actually Robert Allen. He's married with three kids, but the family claims they haven't seen him in years. He also has warrants for a myriad of other things, and it looks like he's in the British Virgin Islands, laundering money. Danny is incredulous, but Marissa is completely crestfallen. She is also inspired to catch up to him.

She does just that in the airport, thinly disguised as a chauffeur. She holds up a sign with his name on it, and he comes right over. She whips her hat off, revealing her best "gotcha" look, and a crowd of FBI agents take him into custody. Just like that, the Kyle storyline is over. Or is it?

What do you think about Bull as a father? Is it time for the show to domesticate him? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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